The 6 Best Free WordPress Cache Plugins

The best free WordPress cache plugins are designed to improve the speed of your website for enhanced user experience. People want websites that load pages easily and quickly, and if your website is not fast, you will potentially lose readers, subscribers, or even clients. Besides, speed has something to do with your rankings in search results in different search engines.



The 6 Best Free WordPress Cache Plugins

1. Super Cache
Super Cache is a very popular plugin for WordPress. It is lightweight and extremely easy to use right out of the box. WP Super Cache is perfect for users who do not have technical knowledge in IT. As you learn more about the WordPress corse, PHP, and general optimization methods, there is a possibility that you can outgrow the performance that this plugin delivers. WP Super Cache will instantly improve the speed and enhance the performance of your WordPress website.


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2. W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache is more than just a caching plugin for WordPress. It is a complete performing optimization framework that offers your users lots of options and unique functionality. It not just enables server caching, but also provides users with plenty of CDN network options. It also provides additional features including HTML/CSS minimization, and page compression. In fact, many users claim that it is the best WP caching plugin available nowadays.


In addition, W3 Total Cache enhances your website’s user experience by improving the performance of your server and reducing the download times. This provides you with transparent CDN or content delivery network.


3. DB Cache Reloaded Fix
Many of the WP caching plugins will optimize the speed of your website, but at the expense of using huge storage space. DB Cache Reloaded Fix will optimize each database query of your site with limited lifetime resulting in greater optimization speed and using low storage space.



4. Quick Cache
Quick cache is lightweight and caches web pages. It doesn’t promise you anything else and does not try to do what it can’t. The functionality of this plugin is fairly limited, but it will not take huge storage space and greatly optimize the speed of your website. Quick Cache is for those people looking for something lightweight to handle caching while allowing them to use other tools to optimize other aspects of their WP website.


5. Mo Cache Plugin
Mo Cache Plugin is perfect for webmasters looking for a plugin for their localization and different language matters. This plugin can increase your WP site language file loading.


6. Cloudflare
Cloudflare is perfect for medium to low traffic sites. It’s not just a plugin as it provides you with caching and a certain degree of security. This is easy to setup, and its basic version is free with no lock in.


WordPress Cache Plugins aim to provide webmasters with full control over caching matters. These plugins add functionality to the website allowing them to be ranked higher in major search engines. In addition, all of these cache plugins boost the speed of your website for the benefit of SEO.