The 6 Best Free WordPress Comments Plugins

If you are not familiar with the best free WP Comments Plugins, well, it is the one that is responsible for styling, organizing and managing your WP site with the help of WP hacks and CSS. There are individuals who find a hard time and difficulty in searching for the best free WP Comments Plugins that will suit their needs. In order for you to gain superior and apparent understanding about the stated topic, here are some of the best free WP Comments Plugins that will perfectly match your needs, taste and desire.

The 6 Best Free WordPress Comments Plugins

1. Star Rating GD Plugin
This kind of plugin is the one that is responsible for setting up review system and rating that is intended for comments, pages and posts. The plugin has the ability to generate rating stars and display the top rating statistics. The plugin will also offer you with advanced settings and control panels. It also supports the dynamic loading and cache plugins with the use of ajax.

2. WP FaceBook Comments
The plugin has the ability to integrate the commenting system in your Facebook account. With the use of this plugin, you can easily post comments in the comfort of your Facebook account. The features of the plugin include excellent styles that will perfectly fit with the theme of your site and your comments will be adjusted and displayed.

3. Invisible Defender
This kind of plugin has the ability to protect your registration as well as it will offer you with 100 percent spam protection in your WP site. The plugin is also available for downloaded basis however most of the comments plugins are free. Since it is free, you can be sure that you will surely enjoy its amazing features and benefits.

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4. WP Comment Digg
The plugin will provide their users to bury thread and dig your comments. In this way, you can easily find out some of the valuable comments and human spammers. The plugin is considered as one of the handy plugins for organizing your popular posts.

5. WP Thread Comment
This kind plugin is considered as WP enhancement that is creatively designed and developed comment function. The great features of the plugin includes the discussion can be threaded and displayed, the installation process is quite easy and it has AJAX support that will enable the user to post a certain comment without experiencing to reload the entire page.

6. Paginated Comments
The plugin is being developed with the use of SEO. In this way, you are given the chance to break comments into a wide variety of optimized pages and search engine. Since the plugin is free, you will have the opportunity to make use of the plugin features effectively.

The best free WP Comments Plugins that are mentioned above will greatly help you to come up with a desirable result that you ought to receive. There are various comments plugins that can be found in the web and most of them come with awesome benefits and features that will serve as your key in obtaining the main goal of your WP site.