The 6 Best Free WordPress Donation Plugins

Are you one of those people who are running non-profit organizations or any organizations that need donations for the fulfillment of a day-to-day project? Whatever kind of fund-based organization you are running, the list of best free WordPress donation plugins to be shown below will surely be useful to your cause. These donation plugins can help your donation-managing task. It can help you in accepting donations from the public as well as members. There is a guarantee that all of these are easy to use. The best part of these free donation plugins is that you will be able to increase funds using one of it. Now, why not start knowing about these, so you can take your pick?

The 6 Best Free WordPress Donation Plugins

1. Personal Fundraiser
Expand the funds you are collecting using this free donation plugin. It will make the process of collecting money from all donors easy. With the plugin, there is no need to be stressed with its management. Just let the plugin take care of it and use up your time for other tasks.

2. Crowdfunding
This donation plugin is developed by Astoundify. It makes your fund management easy. If you have an idea about Indigogo and Kickstarter and how it works, you will soon realize that it does the same.

3. CP Contact Form with PayPal
As what the name suggests, this one from the list of best free WordPress donation plugins is attached with PayPal. Thus, it enables you to raise funds anywhere in the world. Just have the plugin installed and connect it with PayPal. Once done, you can start receiving donations.

4. Smart Donations
Are you after the best free WordPress donation plugins loaded with many features? Smart Donations is what you are looking for. It can be used for different types of donations, which you can create in this. And, you can even keep your eye on the results delivered. You can also send a Thank You email to all people who donated and you do not need to do it manually. That is because it is already automated.

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5. Seamless Donations
This free donation plugin is developed to make online donations very easy for all visitors planning to donate. It is also focused on making the management of these donations made online easy for those who donated. It is all done in the easiest way possible. You can also send a Thank You message, which can be customized in this plugin. If there is one thing that can be said about the plugin, it would be that it can make an excellent addition to your NGO website.

6. Donation Thermometer
It is described as one of the best from the list of best free WordPress donation plugins. It is lightweight and can be customized easily. It is able to display an image charting that is customized as well as collect money with PayPal.

All of these best free WordPress donation plugins enable easily customizing of the donation button featured in your website. Choosing one from the list will help you starting receiving donations as well as track donors and send Thank You messages to them. You will never know that collecting and managing donations can be this easy unless you try one of the mentioned plugins.