The 6 Best Free WordPress Iframe Plugins

Apple has developed a digitally programmed video format called iFrame which is a document (HTML) well-established inside on website’s HTML document. One may observe a common popping out of foreign contents from other sources into the webpage that they are visiting-this done by the HTML element of iFrame plugin. iFrame has its own scrollbar independent from the webpage’s scrollbar though this plug is analogous to inline images.

iFrame contents can be changed by web designers without the need of a user to refresh the surrounding pages which is enabled by JavaScript or the speed quality of HTML. Web designers primarily make use of iFrame to implant interactive applications in desired web pages such as eCommerce applications or Google Maps.

The 6 Best Free WordPress Iframe Plugins

iFrame inserts and displays applications gathered from another web sources.

1. iFrame Widget
This free WordPress iFrame plugin is collectively known as iFrame Widget. This iFrame plugin provides help to bloggers, web designers, etc. this iFrame is able to display foreign HTML in the iFrame HTML. The several types of plugins under iFrame Widget offers patterns of Scrolling attributes and iFrame Borders.

2. iFrame Embed (YouTube)
An easy writing of iFrame codes without HTML errors is achieved through the use of WordPress plugin in which YouTube URLs are copied and quick tag is used on editing window to insert iFrame code of the video and itself. iFrame Embed enables videos to be visible on mobile browsers and desktop. Videos are accessible and easily viewed without installing flash players.

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3. PageView Plugin
PageView is a WordPress iFrame which displays foreign web pages in sites which are currently opened. This iFrame plugin helps users manages multiple pages. Web designers are satisfied because it is not time consuming whenever they are editing pages.

4. iFrame Images Gallery Plugin
iFrame images gallery is the WordPress plugin used in creating a horizontal figure slideshow. The horizontal bar would be displayed under the photos to scroll. The straight bar displayed under the images enables users to scroll and view all the images in a webpage. This iFrame plugin is not accompanied by JavaScript.

5. Easy FancyBox iFrame Plugin
Easy FancyBox is another free iFrame plugin that uses FancyBox jQuery and is compatible to WordPress 3+ Multi-Site. Easy FancyBox is used for presenting movies, inline content, images and portable document in your website. This plugin allows users to have flexible light box solution for all the media links embedded in your website. This is multi-site compatible plugin and supports Flash and iFrame movies.

6. Advanced Responsive Video Embedder
This WordPress iFrame plugin allow the users to embed desired videos with complete responsive sizes from numerous providers via Shortcodes or URL. Set of options for customizing the manner of embedding videos are provided to do exactly what you like. This customization set includes URL parameters. This plugin displays the videos in such an unobtrusive manner to keep the visitors in your site.