The 6 Best Free WordPress Map Plugins

There many people nowadays who opt to look through Google maps as a part of their security process in availing a service of a website. Now, if you have a WordPress website, it is necessary that you are aware of the best free WordPress map plugins that you can use specifically for your website. This is sure to be the best way on how you can provide the complete contact details for all your clients and never let them think about where your specific location is.

The 6 Best Free WordPress Map Plugins

1. Intergeo Maps
This is a tool designed to be easy and simple in terms of usability and powerful enough in creating, managing and embedding Google maps into the pages and posts that you would have in your WordPress site. Many website owners have already downloaded it and have already gained a rating of 5 stars.

2. Social Contact Display
This is a widget that allows you to update your business address both in your WordPress website as well as any social media sites that you have. It is designed to be modular, which clearly means that you are to choose the options that you would want to be displayed. The icon sets are added continuously, allowing you to have an easy time adjusting whatever you want consistently.

3. WP Google Map Plugin
Create unlimited maps and locations and have it displayed in Google Maps through the use of shortcodes. The maps are made to be perfectly responsive, multi lingual and are supported by multiple sites. This is considered as the most advanced plugin that can be found and used in WordPress sites.

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4. User Map
This is a great add on for any WordPress site as it is able to display all of the places where the users of your website can be found. The users that you would see from the Google maps are those that are registered and allow you to view these active users. This plugin will give you the advantage to get realtime access with all of the status of your users.

5. LogMyTrip
Whatever your posts are, you can always easily plot it on the Google map as this plugin would point out the route based from date to keep it all in order. You just have to create a separate page for the map, add the [logmytripmap] shortcode just about anywhere within the page and you will see the map appear on the page.

6. Google Maps Master
This is the ultimate plugin that would basically display the location of your business or even your personal location in the Google map, allowing users and viewers to know your place with your logo, avatar and other information on the map.

Having these choices in mind, you are assured that you will have an easy time finding the right one that is suitable for the services that you are offering for your WordPress website. You will definitely not regret using the efficiency of the WordPress map plugin that you would use for your site.