The 6 Best Free WordPress Membership Plugins

Are you trying to put up a WordPress site that would focus on getting more members through a particular membership system? Then you should not look further since there are already many best free WordPress membership plugins that you can opt for your website and is sure to give the function that you need for the site. Once you get several choices, you are assured that you will have an easy time deciding the right kind of plugin suited for the overall function of the site.

The 6 Best Free WordPress Membership Plugins

1. Users Ultra
Within a few minutes, you can easily make use of this ideal tool. This is purposely created to provide WordPress website users advanced user communities such as those in the modeling communities, talents communities and even social communities. It can easily integrate with your WordPress theme, giving you the ease of customizing the tool just the way you want.

2. AMR Users
Have any user data stored with your user meta listed, sorted and filtered easily with just the use of this tool. You can use add-ons and hooks for extracting the stored user data from other tables and be able to present as if it is a user meta.

3. Paid Memberships Pro
Considered as the best plugin in WordPress community is this Paid Memberships Pro. This is set up to allow website owners to get unlimited levels for memberships and even allow the user to provide a restricted access with the posts, pages and other things that you would get in your page. It is made to be very flexible to ensure that it can fit to the needs of different users.

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4. User Registration Aide
This is the plugin that you should not miss choosing especially when you want your users to provide all the necessary information that you need. Once you use it on your website, you will be able to force your new users to register in additional fields that you would want for your website. You can customize it just the way you want.

5. Lemonberry Page Protect
It is a perfect plugin for those who want their websites to be protected from the use of unauthorized or non-WordPress users. You can set all the restrictions needed since it is especially made for those sites that are exclusively offered for club members only.

6. Access Control by Category
This plugin is the best choice for those who want to share many posts to all viewers while restricting other posts to subscribed members only. As the website owner, you just have to assign a post as subscribed and this particular post will only be available for those who are registered to your membership.

As you make use any of these best free WordPress membership plugins, you are assured that you will have an easy time dealing with your requirements when managing the membership process of your very own website. It is a sure way on how you can in control of your website and never let unauthorized viewers take chance on your posts.