The 6 Best Free WordPress Menu Plugins

What is the sense of your website if your users are not able to make use of its pages easily? One of the basic rules that you should consider doing with your website is to get the ultimate menu plugin among other best free WordPress menu plugins offered. This is the only thing that you can do to ensure that your website’s interface can be used conveniently and easily by any users.

The 6 Best Free WordPress Menu Plugins

1. Privilege Menu
It is a plugin that will allow you to display your menu items depending on the current status of the user. You can set up the items that can be seen by users who are logged in or out and even to both of the status. This is sure to give you the ease of dealing with your needs in customizing your website just the way you want it.

2. Menubar
As you use this plugin, you are given the chance to make use of a single plugin with multi-level menus. This plugin is very suitable for your website in WordPress and comes with menu templates and styles that are customizable. The use of this plugin is sure to help in making the website look and function just the way you want it.

3. Instant Breadcrumbs
If you do not want to edit your WordPress website theme as you make use of a menu plugin, then this is the best option that you can ever have. It will leave a breadcrumb trail through your site to make the entire site easier to be navigated by your visitors. This will also allow search engines explore the website or blog that you have with rich snippet data.

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4. Quick Configuration Links
With this plugin, a link for the “Settings” will be added automatically to all active plugins that can be found in the “plugins” page. This will allow you and users to access the plugin configuration settings and without the need to look through the while dashboard menu.

5. Responsive Menu
Known to be a highly customizable responsive plugin for menus, this plugin includes a total of 45 options that are customizable and will enable you to have any of menu items or parts changed just the way you want it. Its use will definitely make you proud of owning a website that you can put all items that you want without problems.

6. Category Posts in Custom Menu
Creation of dynamic menus, this is sure to be the best thing that this plugin can do for you. It will replace particular categories or tags that you have selected and just lead the viewer or user to a certain lists of pages and posts of a related category.

Keep these best free WordPress menu plugins in mind, and you will surely have an easy time getting the suitable plugin that you want in setting up your website’s menu. Carefully choose one and be able to get the best out of the plugin for the benefit of your website.