The 6 Best Free WordPress Music Player Plugins

Are you trying to find ways on not making your website one of those boring ones? Why not choose to add a music player in your website. This is a very cool feature that you can add especially when your website is related to music or is focused on audience in the youth generation. There are just many best free WordPress music player plugins that you can select from and is sure to give you the opportunity in getting the best music player that is suitable for your website.

The 6 Best Free WordPress Music Player Plugins

1. Background Music Player Lite
This music player plugin will allow you to play various tracks and even radio streams on your website. It comes with different features and options that are designed to be completely customizable for all WordPress website owners. Music is also offered with continuous playback to ensure that music played will not be interrupted.

2. Advanced Dewplayer
The use of this plugin will allow you to show a particular list of MP3s that are played on your site. All MP3s that you can add may come from a particular directory from your server. All you have to do is use the shortcode in your posts or pages with the path of the MP3 folder where you got the files and you will see a perfectly set playable list.

3. S3Bubble Amazon S3 Video And Audio Streaming Service With Cloudfront
This is a secure yet simple media streaming plugin that can be used in WordPress website with just 3 easy steps. The features of the plugin are very simple, making it very convenient for any website owners who want to improve their website. You just have to follow the steps on how to make use of it and you are all set to benefit from all of its features.

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4. Shoutcast Icecast HTML5 Radio Player
Whatever song you are listening to in Icecast or Shoutcast, you can get its information and make it possible to play it on your own website. You are sure to get the best out of this plugin as you can play the song that is playing in any of the streaming sites and be able to play it also within your website without the need to record or purchase it.

5. Music Store
As you use this plugin, you will be allowed to sell audio files through PayPal and customize the setup of the store. It supports different formats and also allows you to share songs through different social network. Truly, this is a great addition in your website.

6. Spotify Master
Dreaming of using your favorite Spotify music in your website? This plugin can help you with that. This is sure to give your website the Spotify stuff just inside your website just the way you want it.

With these best free WordPress music player plugins, you are assured that you will enjoy visiting your site as much as how you want your users and visitors want whenever they would drop by your site.