The 6 Best Free WordPress Newsletter Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Newsletter Plugins

1. MyMail – Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

MyMail - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

2. Chimpy – MailChimp WordPress Plugin

Chimpy - MailChimp WordPress Plugin

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If you are a blogger, there is a need for you to have a mailing list. This mailing list comprises with subscribers who are fond of reading your newest blogs or other things you have posted on your blog site.

Since there are millions of bloggers all throughout the world, the tendency is that the subscribers of their mailing list is not enough. Some people say that the success of your being a blogger is being seen if how many subscribers your mailing lists have. Sometimes true but not most of the time.

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Bloggers usually use the WordPress. This WordPress will be allowing the readers to become part of the mailing list of a certain blogger and at the same time gives them the chance to sign-up by doing this directly from a website through a newsletter plugin.

WordPress Newsletter Plugins are allowing sending of automated notifications to the subscribers once the blogger is updating their blogs. This is also a great way of growing the mailing lists since it is converting your blog visitors into potential readers. But if you haven’t yet installed this type of plugin and you are interested of making use of it to grow your mailing list, here are the best free WordPress newsletter plugins available for you.

The 6 Best Free WordPress Newsletter Plugins

1.MailPoet Newsletters- this free wordpress newsletter plugin will be enabling you to build an excellent mailing list and sending of newsletters to the mailing list is also possible. A widget is also available that will be allowing you to drag and at the same time drop the sidebar that will be grabbing a lot of subscribers.

2. WordPress Mailing List Builder- this plugin has the power of building a mailing list consisting of a numerous of subscribers and can be segmented as well. This is fast and convenient.

3. Quick Subscribe- another free plugin which allows the users to become alleged subscribers of a blog through an email. There is no need to refreshed the page nor linking with an AJAX page.

4. AutoChimp – this is keeping the users of wordpress blogs as well as mailing lists with MailChimp in sync and will be creating campaigns coming from the post in the blog site. The users are allowed to automatically subscribe, update the users and unsubscribe but then there is a need to create a MailChimp account to be able to use the services of this plugin.

5. Mini Mail Dashboard Widget- sending and receiving of emails to the admin panel is easy and convenient. All emails are being converted into a text- based and allowing the users to view the messages into HTML messages thus allowing them also to download certain attachments.

6. Mail Subscribe List- creating of a mailing list with numerous subscribers is made fast and easy by this plugin. But then it does not allow the users to send emails via the settings page of a single wordpress. This allows the users to export the mailing list in CSV file.

Through this above mentioned free wordpress newsletter plugins, establishing a mailing list with numerous of subscribers is made easier, fast and reliable.