The 6 Best Free WordPress Post to Facebook Plugins

Those who are searching for WP plugins to assist manage how the content looks if it is shared in social media site, then you have to read this article as it narrow down the best free WP post to Facebook plugins.

To obtain the mileage out of each social share, then you have to optimize a number of key factors of the content in order to make it better on each social network that take account of search results. While a lot of sites have to depend on putting in rich snippets, WP users need virtually unlimited choices with regards to simple to use plugins.

The 6 Best Free WordPress Post to Facebook Plugins

1. Social Networks Auto Poster
This is regarded as the most excellent WP plugin for automatic posting. This is the only plugin that incorporates with Google. This gets rid of your concerns when it comes to posting all your content to Facebook.

2. Jetpack
This remarkable plugin is very familiar because it is a portion of the complimentary version of the blogging platform and contains many feature improvement for WP.

3. Official Facebook plugin
Facebook networking sites suggests utilizing this plugin for the integration of the Open Protocol. Moreover to crafting the ideal Facebook updates, this also allows users to know more regarding the audience and people who share the content in Facebook Insights.

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4. WordPress SEO by Yost
Those who do not like to put into practice Open Graph or Twitter card for FB, however still like to manage the text which is shared on Facebook with the content. This state of the art plugin is the solution. This comes down to search engine optimization title tag as well as Meta description which you key in for the post.

5. Google Author Link Plugin
There are ways available for you to manually create Google plus authorship, however when you need a WP blog, you can utilize this plugin. This work lets authors on the blog to put the Google link in the profile in the WP administration panel. This plugin will manage the placement of code.

If the author has associated back to the site on the Google plus profile on Contributor link part, user can assess whether the authorship has been install correctly through previewing any of the links with the use of Structured Data Testing Tool.

6. Social Metrics Pro
Understanding what contents are obtain many shares on Facebook, Twitter as well as other social networking sites can assist you go on to make content which the audience wants. This valuable plugin is the best WP plugin which assess the content social sharing in the WP dashboard.

This also measures shares on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, Linkedln, and Stumble Upon. Users can sort the results by means of social network, a valuable feature when you determine that a specific social network sites drives the converting guests to the business. This also allows you to filter posts through date, author and category so as to get other trends.

These are just some of the best free WordPress post to Facebook plugins you can utilize to your social network site.