The 6 Best Free WordPress Product Review Plugins

Review themes and plugins from WordPress enable an individual from converting a blog into the full-blown review site. They can simply complement the capability for readers from rating your WordPress posts. The availability of these WordPress product review plugins also offers an effective mean for users to monetize their blog. This is done through the use of the reviews that come with rich content regarding a particular service or product blended with user-based reviews that display a very engaging target for search engines and visitors.

Due to great demand for these review plugins, more and more of them are being introduced these days, be it free or paid. Of course, if you want to take advantage of using these plugins, you would want to give a try with the best free WordPress product review plugins.

To give you an idea about them, the following are the best free WordPress product review plugins:

1. Author hReview
An excellent plugin, Author hReview, is known as the initial one from the pack to be released. This free WordPress product review plugin can help you in boosting your search traffic through making more eye striking SERP results. The plugin is loved by a lot of people because of its ease of access feature. It is actually the most observed feature from Author hReview plugin. It uses Meta boxes that enable a user from easily inserting his rating information and review to the blog pages and posts.

2. WeReview
With WordPress review plugin, you should be able to transform your website into a money making machine in just a couple of clicks. This should become even more possible with the use of WeReview WordPress product review plugin. It comes with a number of styles complementing your review page that will offer your review page with an exclusive and different look.

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3. Taqyeem
Taqyeem is one of the best free WordPress product review plugins that is perfect for people wanting to try the use of such form of plugin. The plugin was basically built for complementing lovely reviews and ratings to your pages, custom post types, and posts.

4. Reviewer
Another great plugin to consider, reviewer is a sought after option by people looking for a free plugin. This plugin enables you from inserting reviews within the posts of your WordPress blog in an easy and quick way. This makes it a great plugin for most people looking for a good WordPress product review plugin.

5. WP Customer Reviews
With WP Customer Reviews plugin, you will enable your visitors and customers from leaving testimonials or reviews about your products or services. In this plugin, reviews are enabled in Microformat (hReview).

6. Rich Reviews
Rich Reviews WordPress plugin allows you to catch user reviews relevant to your website, products, or individual pages or products. Furthermore, you should be able to have them displayed on your WP post or page in the Google Search Results in the form of Google Rich Snippet.

The best free WordPress product review plugins mentioned above are some of your few choices. If you are searching for more, you can find them in various websites online.