The 6 Best Free WordPress Role Manager Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Role Manager Plugins

1. Menu by User Role for WordPress

Menu by User Role for WordPress

2.Pages by User Role for WordPress

Pages by User Role for WordPress
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In WordPress plugins, the Role Manager plugins have been used for WP from 2.0.x until 2.6.x. This is essential for managing Capabilities and Roles at your own WordPress blog. There are lots of best free WordPress Role Manager plugins that can be used for more specific goals and purposes. All you have to do is to explore the web and find out which one works best for you.

But to give you a better idea, here is the list of some of the best free WordPress Role Manager plugins that will work exceptionally. These will guide you in finding free WP role manager plugins without spending much time and effort in searching.

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1. Role Scoper

The use of Role Scoper can help you control your posts and your pages. It can even transform the WP blog into another level which is CMS level. With CMS level scripts and software, you will benefit from control and ease of editing and reading permissions. On the other hand, the use of Role Scoper renders similar advantages of occupying good control on permissions.

2. Members

In this WP plugin, you can already transform a WP blog into a CMS-resembling platform. Using it can help you extend and expand your control systems on blogging. It embodies the efficient features in terms of carrying out the functionalities of role management. At the same time, it can acclaim for becoming the highly effective control manager more than a content manager or a user-role manager.

3. Capability Manager

This plugin makes a simpler capabilities and user role management. Changing in the capabilities and roles of the users becomes an uncomplicated process. It works well all functions of role management such as editing any prevailing user capabilities and role, putting existing roles along with new capabilities, and creating new capabilities and roles.

4. WPFront User Role Editor

Allows you to manage user roles easily. Here, you may edit, manage, delete or create capabilities and copy the existing roles. It features managing capabilities, rename or edit existing roles, create brand new roles, adds role capabilities and clone existing roles.

5. Advanced Access Manager

This is a WP easy-to-use WP tools designed for controlled access into the frontend and backend. In this latest version, you can do enjoy the following features: filter widgets and metaboxes, control access to admin menu (and submenu); track user activities; control access to CPTs, Terms, Posts or Pages; manager user’s or role’s capabilities, filter page content or post; manage role list; and create system event custom actions.

6. SP Client Project and Document Manager

It is the multi-functional file management WP tool that allows you to track, share, upload, organize, distribute or group any sort of document. Its overall features include project renaming, custom forms, ability to upload and choose multiple files, automatically zips multiple files, search according to file name, disable user uploads and more.

With these best free WordPress role manager plugins, it will be easier for you to perform tasks related to documents. Your personal knowledge about them can help you a lot saving time and even money.