The 6 Best Free WordPress Twitter Plugins

Many people are interested on having Twitter plugins. This is mainly due to a lot of reasons that serve them on purpose. With the presence of plugins, Twitter is even more functional in their websites. Apart from it, users are allowed to interact with the content on Twitter. As a result, sharing is even made fun and easy.

Some of the best free Word Press Twitter Plugins to choose from are:

Twitter Follow Me Box

This plugin generates a box for followers of the site. This is mainly found in jQuery that it is no longer important to add for tags on the theme. It is even possible to alter the side, turn, height and color. Afterwards the, twitter id can be placed on.

WP to Twitter

WP to Twitter is a convenient and useful plugin that supports a template for editing or updating pages and posts. It also supports for its customizable post types while it allows you to write a customized Tweet. Through the use of a customized template tags, a Tweet copy is generated.

Apart from it, there are other features such as the use of tags, use of alternate URLs, support for the Google Analytics, and support for the XMLRPC clients.

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Twitter Embed

Twitter Embed is a Twitter plugin that no longer requires configuration. This mainly works after activation is done. In a tweet that can be found from, a link is copied and pasted on the line in the page editor or post.

In viewing it, there is a link that is replaced by the embedded tweet. There are options on retweeting, replying and following. As for this plug-in, it mainly uses widgets API, embed HTML and shortcode.

Twitter Digest

This plugin is useful as it allows one to publish a weekly or daily post. The post may contain of tweets from the Twitter account. Apart from it, this plugin also uses its pseudo-cron functionality which comes along with Word Press. The options for this plugin provide a complete control on what is published in the Twitter digest.

Apart from it, Twitter Digest allows you to set post title. Even the frequency on daily or weekly can be chosen. It is also possible to choose for tags or category for digest post. Retweets or replies are excluded from it.

In addition, it is also possible to set a minimum and maximum number of tweets to be published. A status is to be set and published automatically.

Tweet Old Post

Tweet Old Post is known as a plugin that is designed in tweeting older posts in getting more traffic. Tweeting for old posts is possible that help in keeping old posts alive. As a result, this drives more traffic. The content is also promoted and the time and number of tweets can be set for more traffic.

Twitter Trending Widget

This is mainly known as a simple Word Press plugin that permits you to track the recent posts by means of the times that the URL is being shared by means of Twitter platform. Developed through the use of jQuery, HTML, CSS PHP 4, this also comes along its fully-layered and custom skin PSD. It can be customized to meet your needs.