The 7 Best Free Christian WordPress Themes

Disseminating information to millions of people can be done and make it possible in just a second through the internet. This is why more and more are resorting to computers with internet connections in finding answers and looking the right information online. Sending messages are as fast as finding info online that makes everyone instantly updated about any topics under the sun. Churches or religious groups are that exempted from this hi-tech form of communication. Many religious organizations are now creating and developing websites where it makes it easier for them to proclaim the Word of God.

Just the same with other websites churches also needs to enhance their homepages and this can be effectively done by using WordPress theme such as the Christian WordPress s theme. This WordPress makes church’s website more flexible however the cost for it are sometimes too high that other religious institutions cannot afford to pay for it that is why there are free.

There are free Christian WordPress themes that is made open to the public and which can be downloaded for free. These are created with custom designs and template based. Through this free WordPress theme even the staff can easily manage the website of their congregation. Among these free Christian WordPress theme are mentioned in this article.

1. Zion

This is a free Christian WordPress theme which is particularly designed for churches featuring customizable slider right on its homepage, even calendar, support for sermons audio and video files, responsive layout, that can be easily optimized on other advanced gadgets with different screens such as smart phones, iPods, iphones, or tablets. Addresses are integrated with Google map that provide the right directions that the visitors want to visit.

2. Versatile Church Theme

This is an added free Christian WordPress theme featuring event calendar, customizable slider, color customization, responsive layout. it allows you to customize and control the elements in this theme that gives you a chance to create identity for the church.

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3. Antioch Theme

It is tailored for churches that have limited income. Aside from the free theme it also has an edition that the developer of this site is selling with features like automatic updates, media manager for sermon, and photo files.

4. ChurcHope

This is the most popular theme that is aesthetically designed It has a responsive layout and enables you to change its color using over 400 fonts. Other helpful qualities of this WordPress theme unlimited sidebars, infinite slideshows, layout customization for homepage, and endless gallery.

5. Trinity Theme

It is additional Christian WordPress theme which is constructed with minimalist layout featuring, giving widget, automatic updates, and manager of sermon media.

6. Micah Theme

It is an added Christian theme that includes in its feature the podcasting set-up; publish news, videos and photos, events, and widget for online donation.

7. Ezekiel Theme

It is crafted with darker textures that make it more impressive to the visitors. It includes events ministries, which are integrate to other social media such as the Facebook, and the twitter. The audio files of the sermon are shared that allows the visitor to listen right from the site.