The 7 Best Free Minimalist WordPress Themes

Complex and rich design will surely slow down your access to the site. It would be better to pick something simple yet classy theme that best represents your services or personal information. Rich in banners will surely distract your viewer or follower in reading your site especially if you ever wanted is to have theme focus on your words. Use simple but not simplistic theme from WordPress that will surely provide whatever you need.

The Top 7 Free Minimalist Themes

1. MagZine WP Theme
This is very user-friendly and can be configured easily that feature magazine style, auto-generated thumbnail, category show up is easily be configured, photo section, main graphics, threaded comments, support WP 2.7 feature and configure-able in theme options.

2. Satoshi Theme
This is a minimal and clean portfolio WP theme which is very ideal in showcasing work or projects. This comes up with variety of professional template pages that includes stylish and elegant design, custom front-page, portfolio page, and contact form that is fully functional. Hthis is packed of great fascinating feature like Analytic Google integration, drop down menus and ability for easy upload of personalized logos.

3. Clean Home Theme
This contains lightweight feature that a total of 32 images both 2x6m, others are CSS and XHTML. Your users will never get distracted because this theme content stays the king. This will attract people due to its attention grabbing semi customizable blurb (1.1.3) that able you say or post anything right away which people can read. Other features are full support for widget, valid CSS and XHTML, GPL License and Multiple Widget.

4. Hybrid WP Theme
This is very user friendly, SEO framework, feature 15 page custom templates and 8 ready-widget areas that allows you to make any kind of site that you desire. This theme is entirely open source and completely free that can be use for clients or for blog or for blog of grand children. Continuously being enhanced and developed with its growing community that surrounds it.

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5. Textback Theme for WordPress
Similar with the cold season, this theme is stylish and fantastic as theme for WP. This Snow White bright and magnificent clear Textback is a great choice for each and every one that is sick of uncreative and crowded designs, the job of this winter is to restart and take a deep long breath.

6. Minimal Guy WP Theme
This features clean, uncluttered, white design, free from distraction type of content, minimalist footer, simple comments, no open hooks, no additional features, no copyright, no charge and comes up with a plug-in which is Guyem Bookmark.

7. Modicus WP Theme
This features easy to read, clean and spacious theme, lightweight fast for the speed, ad-friendly, easy to install and flexible that includes elective home page.

WordPress is very effective and efficient to use that contains numerous themes to choose from. There no need for more complicated the design since simplicity or minimalist is the best way of showing [people your styles, opinion, personality and a lot more.