The 7 Best Free WordPress CSS Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium CSS Plugins

1. Microthemer – WordPress Visual Design CSS Plugin

Microthemer - WordPress Visual Design CSS Plugin

2. Styler – Icons, Fonts and CSS Generator for WP

Styler - Icons, Fonts and CSS Generator for WP
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WordPress is the best free platform to build websites. Additionally, free plugins are available to improve the functionally and appearance of your website. WordPress CSS plugins are developed to help improve the design of your website’s fonts, colors, and layouts. CSS plugins also allow you to arrange and separate the different elements on your page. Some of the world’s best WordPress CSS plugins are the following:

The 7 Best Free WordPress CSS Plugins

1. Simple Custom CSS
This is a plugin designed to meet the needs of administrators in adding their own CSS in their website. This plugin allows double quotes in CSS selectors and supports subdirectory installs. This is an easy to use plugin with no configuration needed, no complicated Javascript files, and has a simple interface, which in built on WordPress UI. Additionally, this plugin has no impact on the site’s performance, so it’s perfect for every WordPress website administrator to use.

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2. Easy Custom CSS
This plugin allows website administrators to enter custom CSS rules without the need of editing the theme files. Users can quickly change the appearance of their website. It does its function very well. Also, this plugin works on any WordPress theme you have active on your website.

3. Browser Specific CSS
This plugin allows developers to target different web browsers straight from the style sheet. Using this plug-in, you can add a short JavaScript on your page head enabling you to use its CSS selectors feature. Almost every major browser is supported by this plug-in including code for targeting PCs, Linux, and Macs operating systems.

4. CSS and JavaScript Toolbox
This is a code management plug-in that provides you the tools that you need to easily and safely extend or modify the appearance and functionality of your website. With this plug-in, you can easily add custom code directly into the code blocks and designate them to posts, custom posts, pages, URLs, categories, expressions, and more.

5. IE CSS Definer
This is plug-in that allows website administrators to define SCRIPT or CSS code targeted to Internet Explorer specific versions. This allows for fine tuning and flies editing of design anomalies, which are common with IE. By implementing commented conditions that Internet explorer reads and understands, you can target specific versions or a wide range of IE versions to apply custom fixes. This helps you save time from using separate JS or CSS files when small fixes are required.

6. Improved Simpler CSS
Install this plug in on your website and add CSS to your existing style sheet. With this plug in, you can easily modify the CSS on your website globally. In addition, this allows you to edit or configure your CSS at the front end.

This is a simple WordPress plug in that enables administrators to add customized CSS to any post or page in their site.

CSS plugins are the easiest ways to change or update the appearance and functionality of your WordPress website. These are tools that you can use to change the header, font, layout, and colors of your style sheet. Use these tools, and make your readers keep coming back to your website.