The 7 Best Free WordPress Reviews Plugins

The 7 Best Free WordPress Reviews Plugins


If you aim to start up your own review website and gain money, the best free WordPress Reviews Plugins must be your ideal choice. Before starting your review website, there are various factors that you need to ponder on in order to come up with a desirable outcome that you are expecting. It is very important that you give yourself an ample time to conduct your own research before attempting to engage in building a review website. In order for you to solve your problem, here are some of the best free WordPress Reviews Plugins that will greatly help you particularly in building your own review website.

The 7 Best Free WordPress Reviews Plugins

1. Review Plugin
This kind of plugin is considered as one of the powerful plugin that has the ability to add respective star ratings, thumbnails and custom data. You can make use of the plugin to build affiliate sites, run a certain independent sites and add reviews on your blog.

2. Review System Rating Plugin
In this kind of plugin, you are allowed to easily turn your WP blog into sales machine and visitor magnet. The plugin is also considered as the review system with complete rating that is intended for WP.

3. ReviewAZON Plugin
The plugin is the one that is responsible for accumulating Amazon reviews and products into your blog. This kind of plugin is very easy to use as well as it is highly configurable. The plugin will also provide their users with freedom and flexibility to easily display all the information about the product reviews in various ways.

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4. WP Postratings
The plugin is the one that is responsible for adding AJAX system rating for your WP blog or page. With the help of the plugin, you can easily add the rating system directly in your blog post and page.

5. Mombly Review Plugin
The plugin will allow you to insert ratings on your WP blogs. The format of the plugin is quite simple and you are also allowed to make use of pictures for stars ratings. The plugin is also free so, you can be sure that you will surely enjoy its amazing features.

6. Rating Plugin
The plugin has the ability to create infinite micro posts that can be found in your blog posts. The ratings are being ranked according to popularity. This kind of plugin is also free just like the other review plugins so, you don’t need to worry since you can enjoy the exciting benefits from this plugin.

7. Rating Widget Plugin
When you decided to engage with this kind of plugin, you are allowed to manage and create ratings with the use of WP dashboard. The user of this plugin is also given the chance to insert ratings into their comments, pages and posts. You are also allowed to insert ratings into BuddyPress activity, comments and updates.

Now that you already know some of the best free WordPress Reviews Plugins, this is your perfect time to choose among them that will suit with your needs and demands. You can also browse the web to gather additional best free WordPress Reviews Plugins that are worth seeking for.

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