The 7 Best WordPress Themes For Authors

Authors are also adapting the latest technology and are now venturing into the online world. Posting their works online is easier and more accessible if one uses the suitable WordPress theme. Not only that, but it will also arrest the attention of many readers.

7 Best WordPress Themes For Authors

1. The Erudite
For authors who are not interested in creating traffic for his page, The Erudite is the suitable theme. It aims to get more readers; thus, the design of the theme is of minimalist and mostly white hues that make the writings stand out. The features of the theme focus mainly on typography rather than the design.

2. WordPress for Writers
The theme boasts its large article images options that make the article easier to read. The theme key features include spaces for quotations, author image add on, citation support, gallery and article series option. It has also a fully functional contact form wherein an interaction between the author and readers can be established.

3. Smart Portfolio
The theme has good content management system because it has a key feature that allows the author to upload and organize his books and works into portfolios.

4. Typominima
The theme best highlights the contents of the site by providing simple design and layout that is not crowded by advertisements and logos. If the author wants to put his work in the spotlight, one can use the Typominima theme.

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5. Minimal
Minimal is excellent for authors who want to feature their works because it has font-based icons for high resolutions, custom and auto-generated blog archive template. Its minimalist layout design provides readers a clean environment which is free from too many advertisement banners and vivid color schemes that might distract them while reading.

6. Manifest
The theme’s design which uses a single column for the page’s content and does not have side bars and widgets provide the author a large space to highlight his/her work. Another advantage of the simple design is it allows no distraction for the readers.

7. Melville
The Melville theme is a user-friendly layout design that provides no distraction to the readers due to its clean and minimalist design. The theme has no sidebars and widgets that may steal the reader’s attention from the content. It also provides authors with thumbnails in which they can provide illustrations to their literary pieces.

There are a myriad of themes one can choose from for his/her site. One should just make sure to choose the theme that will highlight the content and literary pieces and at the same will provide easy accessibility for the readers as well as the author. Right now, all that it takes to find the best WordPress theme for an author’s website is to search the internet. There are now hundreds of themes that you can choose from which will be able to help you in ensuring that your website will become interesting to the eyes of your readers, aside from your amazing works.