The 7 Best WordPress Themes For Web Designers

WordPress themes are great tools for blogging, creating portfolios and other online projects. There are WordPress themes which are offered free for online searchers who want to start building their own site or even for those who are already established their website and still want to enhance it to increase more traffic just like the WordPress Themes for Web Designers.

Web designs make great difference in creating websites which makes this competitive in the computer technology. It makes any site striking and looks cool in many aspects such as in visual, arrangements, animations, layouts, and other functional add-ons.

The Best Themes For Web Designers

Discussed further in this article are the best WordPress Themes for Web Designers which are made free for the public to use.

1. Agency
Agency theme offers several amazing selections in creating new web designs which is very helpful to web designers. This options enables the web designers to make their own design spic and span as well as more creative. The features it include are slideshow, functional sidebars for widgets, threaded commenting, multiple option for the theme, and drop-down menus.

2. Pinzolo
This theme is featuring Ajax loading used for posting blogs, dropdown menu for browsing mobile, responsive layout, and customizer that makes editing its header, colors backgrounds, as well as text easier.

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3. Undiscovered
It consists of bunch of post formats that determines the style of the content. It enables you to build better website for micro-blogging with varieties type of media as well as content. Michael Reimer smartly designed this theme which is made available to the online users to use it to many websites. It is cleaner, elegant and graphics are retina ready that is clearly displayed on its background.

4. Aadya
This is developed utilizing the CSS Framework’s Twitter Bootstrap. it has premium features which includes widgets areas (12), front page slider, front page blurb support, menu locations (2), SEO optimized, Page layouts (5), Post layouts (5), custom logo, customized body and header background, and customized footer area which is configurable.

5. Midnight City

This webdesigner’s WordPress theme is full of typography selections that include four variety scheme of colors, two options for header, google fonts which comes in 220, numerous language translations, two columns for layouts, options for CSS, and different browser environment.

6. Maxflat Core
It is a WordPress theme featuring entertaining style effects with bold and striking color contrast and enjoyable typography. Colors as well as the logo are customized and there are tools included that allows you to see the real-time changes This is developed using the framework of Zurb’s Foundation which is appropriate for selection blogging selections.

7. Sun Rain

Sunrain is another premium quality WordPress theme for web designers that offers many selections that is suitable for persona as well as business needs. It is full of customization options which you can easily utilize such as the multi-layer slider, multiple plates for templates, sticky posts, widgetareas, menus/background custom areas, and two-column format. The SunRain has an extended version featuring ore themes that offers freedom to the web designers in designing websites. It features images post titles, sliding images, admin bar, logo, site links and other add-ons.