The 8 Best Free WordPress Buddypress Plugins

BuddyPress serves as the backbone of social networking. It is built to bring people of all ages and from all walks of life together. WordPress BuddyPress is an open source program from the core code to the themes, plugins, and documentations. The beauty about Buddy Press is that you have plenty of plugins to choose from to enhance the functionality and performance of your social network. Some of the best free WordPress BuddyPress plugins are the following.



The 8 Best Free WordPress BuddyPress Plugins

1. RT media
RT Media is a plugin compatible with WordPress, bbPress, and BuddyPress. This plugin extends your BuddyPress based website’s existing media features and adds its own themes, plugins, as well as add-ons. RT media adds audio/video encoding, albums, front-end uploads, privacy/sharing, and other features to your social network.


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2. BuddyPress Social
This plugin brings social media engagement and allows your community to share their thoughts, audio, video, and pictures to their hearts content, while you promote your site to social networks. BuddyPress social is a plugin that adds Twitter, Google+, Email, as well as Facebook buttons to all of your community’s activities including member update, media uploads, and group activity.


3. User Switching
User Switching enables you to quickly move between user accounts in WordPress in a single click. Also, you can instantly login and logout as you desire. This plugin is pretty handy, especially for text environments where you need to login and logout between multiple accounts. This plugin is also perfect for website administrators who need to frequently switch between different user accounts.


4. WangGuard
WangGuard offers you protection against spam users registration, and sploggers. The plugin is completely BuddyPress, bbPress, WordPress, and WordPress 2.0 compatible. This plugin is always free for personal use. You will never have to pay for it if you earn less than $200 a month or have less than 500 daily registrations.



5. BuddyPress Activity Privacy
This plugin adds privacy to your activity stream component. BuddyPress Activity Privacy plugin provides you with the ability to choose the people who can read your activity before it is posted.


6. BuddyPress Links
This plugin allows you provide your community members with freedom to share content from across the web. Download BuddyPress Links and allow your members to share links, videos, images, and other rich content easily and quickly.


7. WordPress Social Login
Download WordPress Social Login and allow your visitors as well as your community members to post their comments and let them login with social networks like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Yahoo Mail and more. This plugin enables you to import users contact list from various social networks including Windows Live, Google Gmail, LinkedIn, as well as Facebook.


8. BuddyPress Activity Plus
This plugin provides your WordPress BuddyPress based social network with all of the features and convenience that Facebook provides in terms of media uploading and sharing. BuddyPress Activity Plus adds three buttons to your social network stream allowing you to attach videos, photos, or web links and then share them to all of your members.