The 8 Best Free WordPress Portfolio Themes

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Portfolio Themes

1. Crush – The Portfolio Theme

Crush - The Portfolio Theme

2.Angular – Responsive Portfolio

Angular - Responsive Portfolio
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Another type of WordPress theme is the Free Portfolio WordPress Themes that is useful in creating new websites and which are free for the public to download it. This is a suitable theme for those who would like to showcase their projects, accomplishments that can be viewed by possible customers and see the talent as well as your working experience. In developing this kind of theme features are integrated on its interior pages where you can easily add important images, fresh contents, constant posting of new articles, in its distinctive gallery. Photographs are given more importance for the viewing of the clients who prefer to see the finished products that you have accomplished.

This can be used both for individual showcase or projects made by the large companies. It is a free portfolio theme that you can utilize in starting business and updates you with the new tools that would be helpful in enhancing your webpage thus improving your website’s SEO ranking. Some of the helpful free portfolio wordpress themes that you can apply for installing this on your website are listed below:

Simple Dark

This is a wordpress theme that is crafted with useful features and functional options that will boost the ranking of your website.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

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Imbalance 2

This is wordpress theme which you can freely download and use in crafting and improving personal or company’s homepage which is suitable for blogging, creating portfolios, or for e-zone postings. It also offers flexible functions and customization of its features.

Panoramica Portfolio

It is a free WordPress Theme that is created with various sizes of windows with fluid layouts that provides flexibility and compatible for large as well as small screens. This type of theme put more emphasis on images which can be displayed thru the themes useful feature which is the option panel.


It is a WordPress Theme which can be downloaded for free. The feature included in this theme is the slideshow that displays a remarkable visual image to the webpage. Add-on of slides is unlimited and background images as well as the formatting of HTML are flexible


This developed with clean and up to date theme that is attractive and noticeably readable images and texts. The features are suited for photographers as well as bloggers, using large and impressive images that will strikingly catch the attention of the clients. The contents of the homepage are the projects accomplishments, articles, blogs, and other services offered.


It is a free portfolio wordpress theme suited for photography. It features mobile browsing optimization and responsive layouts that instantly notice visitors visiting your webpage. Backgrounds are adjustable to any sizes of screen of tablets or mobile phones.

Adapt 2

It is an additional free portfolio wordpress theme with responsive business template that are suitable for creating webpage, landing page, full width page and portfolios capable for filtering the best features.


This is a fresh portfolio that offers free wordpress theme which is applicable for architects, artists, designers, and photographers who intend to build their own website.