The 8 Best Free WordPress Repository Plugins

Most people love and appreciate WordPress plugin repository. This serves as their playground, wherein they can find new shiny things and cool toys that can make their sites sparkle. There are over 15,000 best free WordPress repository plugins to choose from. It has been regarded as the massive code repository that grows all the time.

It is important to get familiar with any of these best free WordPress repository plugins to have a better idea on which one can help you in your specific purposes. Take note the following list of these free WordPress repository plugins to choose from:

1. Restaurant

This has been a very easy to use and functional responsive WP theme in building sites for restaurants including other business types that have been working on different devices. Its features include integrated slider library (helps you manage slider) and loading page.

2. Stargazer

Another cool WP repository plugin is Stargazer which is considered as the most advanced WP theme that was created. It does not have any compromising standards. It is the ultimate theme across the globe that extends the built-in theme features of WordPress.

3. Unique

Unique is the responsive CSS3 and HTML5 news/magazine style WP theme. It has 6 dynamic layouts, 3 menu locations, support for the multi-author websites, custom page templates, designs for post formats, and custom widgets. It has been packed with numbered pagination, breadcrumbs, Flexslder, and translation files. These help the news site get started immediately. This even supports Grid Columns plugin when it comes to columnized content as well as Whistles plugin that has custom styles for toggles, accordions, and tabs.

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4. Bearded

The responsive HTML5 and CSS3 ecommerce, portfolio and blogging theme. It has been supporting the post formats and has color and layout options established into a theme customizer. Such theme is also supporting Woocommerce plugin and Custom Content Portfolio to provide artists as well as some creative individuals in sharing their own work.

5. MxS2

This is the WordPress theme that comes in a white and black page and has custom header-image, custom background, custom-menu supported, 5 widget/thumbnail men supported, no plugins required, two post formats. These are typically utilized for WP 3.0+.

6. Summ

It is the WP theme that has fixed width, widgets supported, custom header-image, custom background, no plugin required, custom-menu supported, mainly in white and blue and 2 columns. This theme is typically used in WordPress version 3.0+.

7. Alkimia

This WP theme has been based on InK CSS framework as well as Font Awesome font icons (Dave Gandi(). It has been a white and simple theme associated with widgets. It has been supporting the footer and right sidebar. Alkimia is also providing support for Opening Hours and Breadcrumb NavTx plugins.

8. GovPress

GovPress has been the WordPress theme which was designed for the government use. Its features include custom headers, color customization options, optional icon navigation menu and multiple widget areas.

These are only some of the thousands of the best free WordPress repository plugins to choose from. When you have it, you are sure enough that there will be problem in the end.