The 8 Best Record Label WordPress Theme

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Record Label Themes

1. EPROM – WordPress Music Theme

EPROM - WordPress Music Theme

2.Music: Musicians theme & Facebook app

Music: Musicians theme & Facebook app
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In the music industry, being competitive in a way is very essential. And one of the many things that you can do to be competitive is to make your website more appealing to the eyes of the audience. Your record label website must have the best and the most captivating appeal and it should be equipped with highly advanced features in order for it to stand above the competition. Fortunately, there are a lot of best free Record Label WordPress theme out there.

A List Of The Best Free Record Label WordPress Theme For You.


MusicNight Free WordPress theme is basically dedicated to record label websites, music DJ, and band. This theme was created by professionals and experts making it one of the most outstanding themes equipped with excellent functionality.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

The top rated blogging podcast on iTunes is hosted by Brandon Gaille. He built his blog from zero to 1 million monthly visitors in less than 18 months, and he shares his secret strategies in his award winning podcast. Listen to the Latest Episodes Right Now.

Feel The Sound

This is also one of the most downloaded themes for Record label websites, and this is because of a reason. Feel The Sound WordPress theme is packed with useful features that make it on top of the competition. This them will surely improve your website and take it to the next level.

Our Band

Our Band WordPress theme is particularly useful and ideal for record label websites and any music websites out there. It has a unique style and functionality that you will surely find easy to use and customize.


This is a one paged WordPress theme that any musicians need to improve their websites. It has a huge gorgeous background, not to mention overall useful functionality as well. This will surely make your music website unique and ultimately outstanding.


This theme is one of the extraordinary WordPress themes that every record label should use. It is equipped with only the best features and functionality, making it the perfect choice for your website. Its imagery will surely catch attention of the audience and will please them even more.


This WordPress theme ideal for record label website can look like anything you want. It is highly customizable and easy to use. This is made responsive, versatile, and elegant in order to meet and even exceed your expectations especially when it comes to maximizing your website.


Evento, a one page WordPress Theme that is powered by bootstrap, has a lot to offer. It can offer you great functionality ensuring you a more appealing record label website. Smooth scrolling of web page is the best thing about Evento, but there is more to it than that.

Music Box

This WordPress theme can offer you ready made solutions for the beautification and improvement of your record label website. It has a solid background that will surely make your online project successful.

The above mentioned best free Record Label WordPress theme can offer you assurance that your record label website will turn out to be the best website of all. If that’s what you want, start now and choose wisely. When it comes to having the best website, choosing a high quality and efficient theme is the best step to take.