The 9 Best Free WordPress Dashboard Plugins

You want a WordPress dashboard which works for you in order to make your content and website apart from the rest. WordPress plugins will assist website owners have an organized dashboard, save extra time managing the site and enhance the blogging experience as well. Listed below are just some of the best WordPress dashboard plugins to choose from.

1. Selfish Free Start
This remarkable plugin eliminated all types of mess and unnecessary things. This get rid of junk header tags which include the generator tag for additional safety, eliminates update notifications for non administration, gets rid of old users profile, prevent self pinning and so much more.

2. Admin Quick Jump
This plugin will save user a number of clicks if navigating in different pages and posts in the dashboard. It also puts in dropdown file to the administration edit post location, viewing posts of similar type of post in order to jump to and fro easily. Admin Quick Jump plugin is very simple and lots of choices to set, easy to install and operate.

3. Adminize
This plugin will allow user hide unwanted items from admin menu, dashboard as well as submenu, with forwarding to Manage-page. Aside from that, this also allows you conceal post meta-controls on write page and other places in the administration area as well as in write page in order to abridge interface editing. Although this plugin is complicated, if you want an organize dashboard you have to consider this plugin.

4. Color Admin Post
This state of the art dashboard plugin assists you keep ordered in the administration area through color cong post that is based on existing status. It also comes with valuable color picker to assign easily the color you want.

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5. Custom Admin Bar
This plugin is a remarkable plugin that allows users to customize the appearance of their WordPress. This also allows you to place your personal logo and personalize the administration bar links straight in the dashboard without the need of editing any code.

6. Easy Blogging
This completely transforms your blogging experience so as to become enjoyable and easier. This is relatively best for users who think that her or his admin is uninspiring and ugly. This also makes your dashboard easier and simpler to look, with the whole thing you want for the blogging.

7. Error Log Dashboard Widget
This dashboard plugins needs no configuration. Error log Dashboard widget allows user to monitor the error log in the dashboard. Through this plugin worry no more about logging into the hosting just to check the error logs.

8. WordPress Tweaks
This provides a complete list of improvement which the toggle on/off through an admin checkbox. Some of the tweaks link to media pings, comments as well as WordPress administration. There are lots of tweaks accessible which the plugin include.

9. Hosting Monitor Tweaks
This allows user to monitor the amount of database and dish storage the website is using. Regardless of what type of hosting you use, this is efficient in dedicated servers and shared hosting plans.