The Best 5 Free WordPress Javascript Plugins

The best free WordPress JavaScript plugins can be used in WordPress Standard Themes and Child Themes. JavaScript cannot be added to any post or content without the necessary JavaScript plug in. Plug-ins removes the filters that prevent the unwanted code in the post content area that secures the user’s protection. Here are some of the best free WordPress JavaScript plugins you can use enhance the appearance, and improve the functionality of your WordPress website.

The Best 5 Free WordPress Javascript Plugins

1. HTML JavaScript Adder
This plug in allows you to insert HTML, shordcodes, JavaScript’s, flash embed codes, advertisements, and plain text in the sidebar through unlimited widgets, featuring advanced targeting on pages and posts. The advanced setting can be used for targeting widgets in pages and posts. There are also separate settings to hide/show widgets in different specific page of your site. HTML JavaScript Adder has AW Quick tag toolbar, which is intended for editing codes in widgets. It also supports 12 languages.

2. Artiss Code Embed
This plug in lets you embed codes, HTML and JavaScript primarily in a post in your WordPress website. This plug in is useful for embedding videos. With this plug in, you can embed in widgets using its Widget Logic feature. Its global embedding feature allows you to set up code or a set of codes in one page or posts and then access those codes in different posts or pages. You can also modify the identifiers or the keywords used in embedding the code to your own preference. Also, this plug in can be used to embed an external script directly via the URL and add simple suffixes to the embedded codes to generate responsive video outputs.

3. Zia3 CSS JS
This plug in can be used to define the additional JavaScript and CSS to any posts or page individually. Administrators or authors can define JS/CSS to show the post, page, or reference CSS files to be integrated in-line. The JS/CSS files will appear in the post or page heading first. They are listed in order format, which can be defined in the settings. By defining the plugin’s settings, you can add any inline JS/CSS files on the head of any of your post or page.

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4. Async JS and CSS
This WordPress JavaScript plug in makes all scripts loaded via other plug-ins to be loaded in asynchronous manner like Google PageSpeed Insights recommends. All of your CSS files are inserted in-line into the content code or moved at the document beginning up to the end, right before the closing body tag.

5. Allow Javascript in Text Widgets
This plug in replaces all of the default text widgets with a single widget. The single widget allows JavaScript letting you do the basic things like adding Google Ads you your sites sidebar without the need for other plugins.

The best free WordPress JavaScript plug-ins are designed and developed to make WordPress based websites beautiful and easy to use. Download these plugins today, and discover how they can help you enhance the appearance and functionality of your site.