The Best Free WordPress Iphone Plugins

Making your website accessible not only to desktop users but also to mobile users will help in increasing your website’s traffic both from desktop and mobile users. It is a huge advantage that you are aware of some of the best free WordPress iPhone plugins that can help in making your website friendly to mobile users. As you choose a particular plugin, you can make sure that you will have an easy time creating an app of your website for mobile users.

The 5 Best Free WordPress Iphone Plugins

To get some choices of the best free WordPress iPhone plugins, you can consider picking of the following choices:

1. QuickApp
Engaging more audience to visit your site is not a problem as long as you have this plugin on your site. This plugin will help you in making a mobile version of your website and make it accessible to all mobile devices. As soon as it is installed, a WordPress admin can easily use the plugin in making your mobile app.

2. WPtouch Mobile Plugin
This mobile plugin will enable an elegant and simple theme to be seen automatically for mobile users of any WordPress site you have. You will be the one to customize the appearance of your site for mobile visitors, which includes the user-friendliness of your website while maintaining its fast response and stylish theme. This can all be done without the risk of affecting the regular theme you have for desktop users.

3. WiziApp
Using a mobile adaptive theme will give you the ease of letting mobile visitors go to your site with just using their iPhones and other mobile devices. As you choose to have this plugin, you are allowing people to visit your site whenever and wherever they want through their mobile phones and get an unforgettable mobile friendly experience from your site. There are just many themes to choose from that is sure to make your mobile theme as exciting as how you want it while keeping the desktop theme you have intact.

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4. Mobile Theme Switch
If conversion is what you are looking for, then this plugin can offer it to you. This plugin will allow you to have your website’s active theme swapped into another theme suitable for the device where your site is loaded. The plugin will detect the device used and will change the theme suited for the device that is being used by a visitor.

5. Multi Device Switcher
Setting up separate themes of your website for different devices will not be a problem when you have this plugin installed in your WordPress site. You just have to set up the themes for several devices and the plugin will be the one changing the themes upon detection of the device used by visitors when loading.

As you learn all of these best free WordPress iPhone plugins, you will have an idea on how you can make your website mobile user friendly without compromising its function and its overall look. With using any of the abovementioned plugins, you can be sure about the functionality of your site from desktop to mobile users.