The Best Free WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

The best free WordPress RSS Feed plugins can help you easily import RSS feeds from other websites to your WordPress site/s as custom posts, or blog posts. Here are some of the best RSS feed plugins for WordPress sites.

The 6 Best Free WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

1. Simple Feed Customizer – This plug in is designed to help in customizing WordPress RS feed via adding a read more link at the Summary feed ending, including feature at the respective feature image of the post of RSS feed, and adding copyright texts at the bottom of every RSS feed item.

2. HostDispatch – This is must have plug in for every blogger. It can help you keep updated to every happening in the hosting industry and how these happenings can affect your WordPress blog. This plug in brings you the latest reviews and news from the web hosting industry, and provide them to you right at your WordPress dashboard. This can help you save time while keeping updated with the latest news from the web.

3. NewsBoard – This plug in is a customizable jQuery News Ticker, which displays your RSS feed and posts from other websites. With this plug in, you can easily set the height, width, color, rollover colors, thumbnail sizes, date format, transitions, speed, fonts, and more. This plug in works on all modern browsers, so it’s pretty convenient to use. This plug in takes advantage of the latest CSS3 features including gradients, text shadow, and border radius, all supported by the latest browsers.

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4. Featured Images in RSS w/ Size and Position – This plug in is the simplest way to add featured images to your RSS feed. This plug in features easy positioning and size options, and supports custom sizes. This works excellent with Chimpfeedr, Mailchimp, and Feedburner’s RSS-to-Email campaigns. You can also add features images at the center or right above the text, or to the right or left of the text word wrap, and with medium, large, full, or custom sizes thumbnails. This plug in is WordPress multisite compatible. Simply click the Network Activate button and then add feature images to all of WordPress RSS feeds.

5. HungryFEED – This plug in lets you embed and display RSS feeds inline to your pages, posts, or sidebar through adding a Shortcode. HungrrFEED uses shortcodes to embed RSS feeds on any sidebar widget, page, and post. It has a variety of parameters that you can use to format and to filter the feed. Install this plug in to your WordPress site and fix characters in URLs that get mangled during the editing on the Visual mode. On top of all, this plug in allows you to filter items in the feed based on keywords, customize the HTML through templates, and enable fee pagination.

6. Feeder Ninja – This plug in creates and add Social and RSS feeds to your WordPress website on-the-fly. This plug has an intuitive and innovative user interface, so it’s ideal for novice users. In fact, this is the commonly used WordPress feed plugin by bloggers in the WordPress platform.

With these plugins, you can manage your RSS feeds directly from your WordPress site and other sites efficiently. Download these plugins today, and discover how they can help you save time and effort in managing your feeds.