The Best Free WordPress Search Plugins

Good functionality of your search is what search engines is all about; on the other hand it is a feature of a reliable website. There are many search plugins available out there, but there are only few that is really reliable and worth mentioning.

It is true that good functionality of search signifies a handier website, meaning more time for visitors spend on the website that then lead to more conversion. Some search plugins for WordPress even if constantly improving fall short to perform the task. Listed below are some of the best WordPress search plugins your can give a try.

The 3 Best Free WordPress Search Plugins

1. Swiftype
This is a relatively new search plugin. This comes with essential features such as cloud based service so it doesn’t strain the servers, essentially applicable to search results, analytic of what consumers are looking, it also comes with autocomplete feature, override search results manually.

Swiftype works through conveying an file of the entire content to the servers of this plugin, so the server stays organized and because this plugin doesn’t utilize MYSQL, the result of your search appear faster.

This plugin substitute the typical search plugin with a reliable search engine which is completely customizable by the dashboard.

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2. Yolink Search
This is accessible in both paid and free service. Once you have 5000 visitors or less than, no promotions and utilize it on your own website. As a whole, it is a free for own users and companies plans begin from 60 dollars a year.

There are lots of benefits of using this plugin on your blog such as utilizes its personalize servers in order to keep the performance better, it highlighted the words in your search results nicely, multiple website search functionality, associated articles shown with website posts as well as enhanced data for big companies sites.

On the other hand, you do require making an account so as to have this plugin work on your site ad once you settle to utilize the free plan, you will not obtain much of the client assistance.

3. Relevanssi
This has been available for many years now; this is a regularly updated and well sustained plugin. If you setup this plugin, first you have to develop the index so as to work. It does not utilize cloud-based search compared to the two mentioned plugins.

This substitute’s default search with partial match search which sorts search result through relevance. This also indexes the shortcode content and comments.

This state of the art plugin is equipped with essential features such as no registration required, search comments, categories, tags as well as custom fields, suggestions, it also highlights your search term matches, leave out posts, tags, search as well as categories from your search, it also match partial words, once complete words do not match.

Any search plugin you decide, you will greatly progress your site experience and this will keep visitors browsing your website a bit longer. This gives people so much power and save this time as well. As you know by now, happy customers are those that are probable to convert.