The Best Free WordPress Stats Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Stats Plugins

1. Analytify – Makes Google Analytics Simple for WP

Analytify - Makes Google Analytics Simple for WP

2. Web Tracker for WordPress

Web Tracker for WordPress
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To check search engine optimization stats, a lot of blogger need to visit their accounts on Google Webmaster tool or other different search engine optimization tools so as to obtain a sense for the campaign progress. As the bloggers move forward, they have to ensure that the stats grow monthly. The ideal way to make this is to utilize a WordPress stats plugin straight on the blog.

Search engine optimization WordPress stats plugin is very beneficial. A tactical consolidation of the whole essential file, localized to the blog backend is an ideal mean to work consistently.

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The 3 Best Free WordPress Stats Plugins

1. Jetpack For WordPress
Jetpack is one of the most after WordPress stats plug in at this point in time. This is a superb plugin to utilize to check search engine optimization stats live on the blog, this plugin offers the true time feedback on data which will assist you enhance traffic to the website.

This takes account of the daily news, all time views, weekly views, monthly views as well as it provides a trademark amount of the maximum number of views which you obtained on a particular day. This plugin also explains why you obtained these views, and where these views came from.

This is the reason why a lot of bloggers love to use this plugin, it helps with the tracking of campaign keyword, SEO pathways, analysis as they execute their strategies. Since utilizing this plugin, blogger experienced constant growth because it keeps the statistics in focus.

2. Official Stats
This state of the art plugin allows user to check search engine optimization stats what Jetpack does, however with diagram representation rather than a bar chart visual. Compared to Jetpack, it tells user where the traffic is came from and who click the posts.

Uncomplicated and easy, this plugin will assist lazy systematic blogger obtain a fast view of the data.

3. StatPress Reloaded
This is another reliable stats plugin, those who are searching for a fresh design, flexible data and a straightforward interface, you have to consider this plugin. To check search engine optimization data on a daily basis will enhance the traffic overtime, particularly with the true time numbers.

With this plugin enjoy total data, past month data, the existing month data, as well as daily stats. It is an ideal plugin once you want to stay track of the posts the readers want the most, and the posts that gets many traffic as well as how it transfers into engagement.

Once run the numbers as one with the social interaction numerals, you can turn up with page percentage and really work out how renowned various posts are in accordance to the engagement and traffic ratios. Or else they can just be utilized as a manner to do the immediate month on page search engine optimization.

Here are just some of the best WordPress stats plugin that lots of people utilize at this point in time. These plugins are easy and straightforward to use. Today lots of bloggers which are not at ease with comprehensive analytics program are more likely to track fundamental search engine optimization techniques once these stats plugins are utilized. Using any of these plugins will enhance your conversion and traffic ratios.