Tumblr vs WordPress

There are many blogging platforms available for new bloggers. Blogs are an increasingly necessary part of the business world as they offer an opportunity for businesses to connect directly to their consumers with complex posts that highlight products and services that are of interest to their customers. Personal blogging continues to be a mainstream activity, with many blogs started each day. Most of these blogs never get more than a few subscribers and are generally frequented by friends and family members but there are some mega-blogs that have followers in the tens of thousands.

WordPress is one of the most established blogging platforms out there. With the possible exception of blogger, which is the Microsoft blogging platform, WordPress is the biggest and most popular blogging platform there is. They are popular for people and businesses who think of blogs in their most traditional sense, as long form posts that cover everything from recipes, to crafting instructions, to posts explaining the new information of the business that runs the blog. These blogs offer a variety of themes and backgrounds, some of which are free and some of which cost money.

Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, most people can get their needs met. WordPress.com is the default site that allows you to have your blog hosted through WordPress itself. This is free by default, but you can also pay a nominal yearly fee, which removes the .WordPress.com ending from your website address. WordPress.org has the same look and feel as WordPress.com. However, the difference is that with WordPress.org you handle your own web hosting. This is ideal for people and companies that want more control over their blog.

There are a variety of plugins and add-ons for WordPress that increase the functionality and profitability of the blogs. WordPress is indeed known for this wide variety of add-ons. You can get widgets for WordPress that enable sharing of your posts to various social media platforms and that can allow you to enable shopping and donations through your site. These plugins are often free, although some require the professional version instead of the free version to be added to your site. WordPress plugins allow you to fully customize your blog to do anything you want.

The best use for WordPress is people who want a complex, full featured blog. WordPress is designed to be used by traditional bloggers doing traditional blogging. This includes posts that combine text and pictures and a minimal level of interaction with the readers, except via comments. The general vibe of WordPress is of one person’s (or company’s, as the case may be) personal pulpit in order to express their views or spread their information. Traditional blogs are spread via posts to social media sites and monetization of blogs is primarily through ads placed on the blog.

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Tumblr, on the other hand, is a more minimalist experience. In fact, the entire visual effect of Tumblr is of plain, clear, minimalist screens and short posts. Tumblr is designed to work with short posts that are either text or photography based, although you also have the option of posting audio posts, video posts, or even chat based blog posts. The basic use of Tumblr is free, although there are premium themes that you can buy for your blog background and there are some plugins, although not very many. However, it does not have a premium service option the way that WordPress does.

The basic concept of Tumblr is short posts and more user interaction. Tumblr bills itself as being the home of “microblogging” which means the posts are generally much shorter than the blog posts you see on WordPress. They are also generally only one type of media in each post, either text, photo, video, audio, or chat, as opposed to WordPress, which would allow a post that has several different kinds of media in it at a single time. Blogs on Tumblr tend to be single focus and users may have several blogs, each on its own topic.

If you imagine a blog mixed with Twitter, you get a good feel for the Tumblr experience. The goal of Tumblr is to gain followers of your blog and garner likes and reblogs for your posts. The idea of Tumblr is an amalgam of all the most popular features of other social networks. You can like posts the way you do on Facebook, and you can reblog the same way you can retweet on Twitter. The short posts allow for fast reading and the media posts are reminiscent of youtube or pinterest.

The most common post on Tumblr is reblogging. The concept of reblogging is a simple one. If you see a post you like on Tumblr you reblog it, allowing your followers to see the post themselves and allowing them to see the person who blogged it before you. In this way, you can share clever or interesting content while still giving proper credit to the originators of the content. Reblogs create a train of people who enjoyed the content and allows them to find new bloggers they may enjoy.

The choice between WordPress and Tumblr is a complex one and there are many factors to consider. Determining how you intend to use the blog is the first step in deciding which platform is the best for your personal or professional blog, and then you must decide which platform best suits those needs.

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