Tumblr WordPress Blogger Comparison

Blogging is a great way to share your interests, hobbies, causes and make your voice heard. It is also a prolific platform for launching careers. But before starting to blog, whether it is for personal interests, causes or career launches, it is crucial to take a decision of which blogging platform to use. The blogging platform decides a great deal of whether your blog is going to be a success.

Tumbler WordPress blogger comparison often comes up among users as they are the most popular blogging platforms around. Each blog is designed and suited for different target users. For professionals, WordPress is more profitable because of the plugin features. Tumbler is best fitted for community driven posts and images and Blogger gives you the taste of both WordPress and tumbler. Blogger is defined by simplicity and ease. Here are tumbler WordPress blogger comparisons which will help you choose the best blogging platform.


Cons to Tumblr
While WordPress is a powerhouse with multiple features of plugins, widgets and cloud images, Tumbler offers simple features. It is a micro or small blogging platform and more of a social media site. It doesn’t offer widgets, plugins or cloud images like WordPress.

Pros to Tumblr
However, for devices like iOS, Android, and Windows, tumbler offers attractive mobile app, that allows users to use and follow their favorite blogs and also make content posts. Tumbler’s biggest plus point is the large community of tumbler users that posts and shares content, which is unlike WordPress and blogger. The users also have access to tumbler reblog buttons, which mostly consists of internet memes and photos with self explanation. Tumbler is a great platform if you are looking for usability in a blog and if you desire your blog to be a catalog of things on the net.

Tumbler users can choose from premium themes that range from $9 to $49.

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Cons to WordPress
WordPress provides two products, namely WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com is simple to navigate but WordPress.org.’s controlling and customization features are quite complex.

WordPress also doesn’t provide professional support team, thus if there is any failure, you are left on your own.

Pros to WordPress
Both WordPress.com and WordPress.org is free to use and provides varied widgets, themes and plugins for users to choose from. WordPress is a content creation site and is the most power packed platform among the three.

WordPress’ expandable features make it perfect for those who are looking to expand their site, with its multiple features like editing, administrating and author access.

Though the site doesn’t provide team support, the WordPress community is friendly and knowledgeable and provides constant support anytime. Any user can make use of the forums and help tutorials.

WordPress is best suited for expandable projects rather than smaller ones. It also provides mobile app features for Android, iOS, and Blackberry and users can post and edit content, manage comments and follow other WordPress blogs.

WordPress users can upgrade their premium membership for $99 to have access to additional features. Upgraded WordPress users get access to email support and 13GB storage space.


Cons to Blogger
Blogger is a non profit org and thus users are denied access to lot of profitable features like plugins and widgets which are available in tumbler and WordPress. The free themes provided by blogger are simple and less attractive which doesn’t often meet the needs of users.

The tools and customs of Blogger are garnered more towards casual users. Users depend on WordPress for advanced features.

Pros to Blogger
Bloggers who use Blogger share the taste of both WordPress and tumbler. It is the oldest platform among the three and thus reliable and popular. Blogger is bought by Google and thus anyone using a Gmail possesses blogger.

While on tumbler WordPress blogger comparison, blogger has an advantage over the other two as blogger blogs are integrated into AdSense program of Google.

Blogger users can also hire designers with a little investment to create templates, web designs. This platform also allows bloggers to use up to one hundred authors in one blog.

Blogger provides attractive mobile app features for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Blogger is a good platform for amateur bloggers and can sign up quickly without any problem owing to its simple features. The dashboard of blogger is relatively simpler and easier to navigate than most blogging sites. You don’t have to be an internet whiz to use and sign up with Blogger.

The posting feature of blogger is also simple and it can be done in the interface just by clicking ‘new post.’ Another convenience that blogger offers to users is the ability to type posts in Microsoft word or other word processors and paste the content. Users usually face no formatting issues.

Blogger is for users who are seeking a middle ground between tumbler and WordPress. It is for beginners who don’t have much knowledge of the blogging world.

Blogger platform is absolutely free for users.

In conclusion, Tumbler WordPress blogger comparison is more likely to happen among users as these blogging platforms are competitively popular among users. All the three blogging sites have pros and cons and suits users differently.

WordPress is for more professional users and users who are aiming to expand the site. It is more profitable owing to its varied features but tumbler and blogger are two sites popular for its simplicity. Tumbler is more of a social media site and blogger is for casual users. Bloggers who are looking for advanced features most commonly use WordPress.

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