Twitter Bootstrap WordPress Themes

Twitter bootstrap is a very excellent set of well crafted layouts, elements for user interface, Javascript tools and more. These days, these bootstraps can be freely available for anyone to be utilized in your most ambitious web-design projects.

What Is Twitter Bootstrap?

The Twitter bootstrap style-sheet can provide you a very easy to use 960 grid for the most effective and efficient web layout and professionally crafted rendition of navigation, forms, buttons, typography tables and more. Bootstrap is your best buddy when it comes to clean, quick and highly usable applications. It provides every web design solution that can be encountered by developers out there today.

You can love it, like it or hate it. Twitter bootstrap is now invading the online world with a full force. The powerful HTML5 in now on a full range and is very responsive, it also supports a wide array of different mobile devices and screen resolutions. In the opinion of many, twitter bootstrap is a dream that came through for front-end developers in the market today. It is completely free, open source tool and very user-friendly in terms of utilization and application.

If you are using wordpress and you want to integrate your account to twitter bootstrap, good for you, nowadays, there are a lot of them emerging from everywhere. Good thing that you are here as well. Here, you can have a short list of free twitter bootstrap that you might find very competitive and will work best for you.

1. BootStrap for WordPress – This twitter bootstrap theme is free for everyone, though many say that this is a rough kind of Twitter bootstrap in a wordpress theme. According to the developer, this still needs some work and they will also welcome some contributions and suggestion to improve this more.

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2. BootstrapWP – These one is made by wordpress and powered by Bootstrap. This is considered as one of the most complete Twitter Bootstrap theme these days that can be integrated in WP. One can use this toolkit as a solid base to create a customized theme easily and fast. If the developer wants to customize their web design, they can override it.

3. 320press WP bootstrap Theme – This wordpress bootstrap theme is designed to be one of the best in theme framework. It has a built in template for Homepage, Standard page with a right side bar included, full width template of page with a left sidebar and a lot more. The developer also add shortcodes and options panel so that adding UI elements can be easily applied.

3. WordPress Bootstrap Theme – Released by BRAG interactive, this free twitter bootstrap has exposed some unique features that cannot be found in other free themes online. It has included some widgets that can be found in some parts of its default pages like Homepage, sidebar, footer, breadcrumbs and custom menus. It can enable you to utilize all of the layouts, forms, texts, table’s alerts and everything that is included in the toolkit of the bootstrap.