Two Best Mobile Plugins for WordPress

Mobile WordPress Plugins

WordPress Goes Mobile: 2 Great Mobile Plugins Reviewed, Compared Side By Side

The findings of recent study revealed that about one billion smartphones are expected to be sold in 2013. Other studies have also revealed more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet than their laptops and PCs. Thus, there is a shift in the devices that people now used to surf the web. In order not to miss out on the enormous amount of traffic coming through mobile devices, many webmasters are integrating mobile optimization platforms to their websites.

WordPress is the most popular publishing platform on the internet. This publishing platform has the lion share of the content management system (CMS) market on the internet. Since the future of accessing the internet is heading towards mobile devices, WordPress has come up with some great mobile plugins to help webmasters integrate mobile optimization into their sites. Below is a comprehensive review and thorough comparison of two of such fantastic mobile plugins: WPtouch Pro and Mobile Chief.


WPtouch Pro is created by Brave New Code. This mobile plugin mobilizes existing websites together with their contents. Mobile Chief is a fantastic mobile plugin developed by Plugin Chief. This mobile plugin drags and drops the contents and elements of websites.

Free Support:

Brave New Code offers free support and updates for users of the premium version of WPtouch Pro on their support forum. For users of the free version of the WPtouch Pro mobile plugin, they are denied access to the support forum, thereby restricting them from enjoying the free support services of Brave New Code.

Plugin Chief offers both users of the free version and premium version of Mobile Chief free support services in their forum. The updated plugin, which is separated from the add-ons, is available for download on their support forum. The add-ons can be downloaded at a separate location on the support forum.

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Cost and Packages:

WPtouch Pro has a free basic version that is available to users. There are also three different premium packages of this mobile plugin. The first package comes with documentation involving only one site with no support services and costs 49 dollars. In the second package, support service is also not available, but users can document up to 5 sites. This package costs 99 dollars. By subscribing to the third package that costs 199 dollars, users can enjoy unlimited sites and all features documentation and free support service.

Mobile Chief has a free basic version of the plugin. Plugin Chief offers two premium packages of the product. While one package costs between 10 – 25 dollars per add-on and styled theme, the other package will cost users 125 dollars for unlimited sites, all add-ons, and all themes.

Features Vs Add-ons:

The features of WPtouch Pro like style and mobile ads are automatically added in your plugin. However, the features added will depend on the package purchased by the user.

Mobile Chief gives users the freedom to choose the add-ons and features they want. Users just need to subscribe to any of the packages offered by Plugin Chief to have access to the all the add-ons that come with Mobile Chief. Then, they can pick the add-ons that they want from the different add-ons available on this mobile plugin.