Weebly vs WordPress

Are you having a hard time choosing between Weebly vs. WordPress? The pros and cons as well as the difficulty in use of each website builder?

Well you’re not the only one.

Webbly vs. WordPress is a popular debated topic, and one that can be confusing. All not to worry, the good thing is that in this article we’ll explore and discuss the differences between these website builders. This is a non-technical article, so it should be easy to understand.

Understanding the Differences

The first thing to look at is the major difference between Weebly and WordPress.

One of the main differences between these web builders is that Weebly is more of a drag and drop platform that uses a visual interface to build websites. What this means is that you can literally view the basic website elements which you can drag from the tool bar and drop on the site.

WordPress on the other is content management system that lacks such a visual interface, unless of course you are really good at using it. These differences are rate as major points the newbies to Weebly and WordPress need to focus on as they will ultimately determine your success or failure in building a website.

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Without further hesitation, let’s dive into the differences between Weebly and WordPress as well as give you a better understanding of these common web builders.

Weebly Overview

Weebly rates as one of the most popular and easiest web builders on the market. It allows users to drag and drop elements onto a website. It has a visual interface and is very intuitive to use.

When you use the web building elements on Weebly, you can literally drag and drop elements onto your website and have the website built in relatively quick and effortless time. One fascinating aspect about this web builder is that you can easily drag and drop elements to wherever you want—doing away with any restrictions on where you can place content on your website.

Weebly elements include videos, photos, paragraphs, buttons, contact forms, maps and just about all the basics of website building.

WordPress Overview

WordPress was initially and widely regarded as a blogging tool for those looking to blog about their different interests. However today, WordPress is now used on non-blogging websites like ecommerce sites and other commercial websites.

WordPress is supported by a much larger community, mostly because the web builder has many programmers and designers who provide services and constantly generate new building tools like plugins, widgets and themes for WordPress users. This explains why it is easy to find WordPress experts. It also explains why WordPress has gained widespread popularity and attention because of the extensive support community, meaning you’ll always be able to get help although there’s a fee.

The drawback with WordPress is that it is a bit intricate and more difficult to use when compared to Weebly. This is why the support community for WordPress (programmers and designers) is extensive. More people who use WordPress experience difficulty in learning how to properly use because of the technical challenges, and seeking the expertise of WordPress professionals to help build and maintain your website will certainly be more expensive than Weebly.

The good part about WordPress is that you have greater freedom to do many complex functions, but you’ll definitely need to very proficient at using the platform or you’ll be forced to hire an expert to build it for you.

Why Should You Choose Weebly?

1. Allows you to build websites very easy and fast. You will have your site up and running in no time.
2. You don’t have to spend time learning all the ins and outs of using WordPress.
3. You need an elegant and simple website that you can build yourself.
4. You’re not looking to spend a fortune seeking the expertise of designers unlike with a WordPress website.
5. Your Weebly will come inclusive of managed hosting.
6. If you are an entrepreneur with limited time and funds, and looking to achieve web presence through the intuitive nature of a Weebly platform.

Why You Should Choose WordPress

1. When you are looking to build a complex website with a wide range of functionality.
2. Widgets, plug-ins and tools can help you structure your website in such a way that make search engines understand your site much better.
3. It has an exceptional content management system that can be used to run a blog, and can achieve better SEO rankings than Weebly sites (provided everything is constant) because that’s what the platform was initially created for.
4. You can use certain plugins such as Page Builder if you are looking to drag and drop the design and structure of your web pages.
5. There are plugins for just about every functionality that you can think of.

Concluding Thoughts on Weebly vs. WordPress

To conclude, there isn’t making a “right or wrong” choice when it comes to deciding on whether Weebly or WordPress is a better website builder for you.

However, when deciding on the right website builder to use, you need to put into consideration what you aim to achieve from your website. Factors like functionality, simplicity, support and appearance should be considered when determining which builder to use.

If you are looking to build a very complicated and intricate website that has greater functionality, then WordPress will do for you. However you may need to spend money sourcing help.

If you want a simple and elegant website without having to spend time and money to figure out how WordPress works, Weebly will do well for you.

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