Weebly WordPress Comparison

Figuring out which website builder to use can be a challenge. Both WordPress and Weebly offer some great options and both are reliable platforms but each has its own set of pros and cons. Choosing the right platform can mean an easy build.

Being able to make an informed decision about which platform to use is dependent on getting the information that you need. The comparison below will help you to gather the information that you need to make the right choice.

Let’s Start At the Beginning

The first thing you should be considering if you have no programming experience is which one is easier to use. When you compare WordPress to Weebly the obvious easier to use platform is Weebly. Weebly allows you to drag and drop everything that you want into your webpage. Weebly is a what you see is what you get builder. In other words as you are dragging and dropping things into the page you can see your page exactly as it will appear.

WordPress does not offer a drag and drop feature so it is a little more complex to use however on the upside WordPress beats Weebly out hands down when it comes to features and options.


If you are more concerned with great tools and other great features than WordPress is the way you want to go. WordPress has over 50 million users many of them programmers that offer their tools for free. There are more free tools and options on WordPress then there is on any other platform.

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If you want to have all the latest and greatest tools, widgets and cool effects on your website and you want to get it for free or low cost than you want WordPress.

Support with the Build

Getting the support you need to ensure a great build is easy on WordPress because it is a very large community BUT and it is a big BUT you likely will have to pay to get some help with WordPress because it is complex. On the other side of the coin is Weebly where it is so easy to build a website that you do not have to look for anyone to help you do it.

Of course with WordPress you can get a much more intricate site but if you do not have any experience you may need to outsource all or part of the build. There is also a lot of free tutorials and information on both Weebly and WordPress with WordPress in the lead when it comes to offering information. Although some people find that WordPress offers TOO much support in the form of tutorials and articles which makes it harder to get the answers that you need.

Both platforms also offer a help desk that can answer your questions. On this front both Weebly and WordPress offer enough support to satisfy most needs.

Function and Flexibility

One of the biggest problems with Weebly is if you want to use plug ins or tools that are not of Weebly design than you cannot use them. You cannot integrate non Weebly tools. Actually you may not be able to integrate them. With WordPress you have access to many more tools that can be installed easily (of course with WordPress you always have a learning curve).

When it comes to flexibility WordPress takes the lead.


Weebly costs range from about five bucks a month to about twenty five dollars a month. WordPress is free. You can pay for themes from WordPress but you do not have to, you will have to pay for a host for your site if you opt for WordPress which can cost you about seven dollars a month.

If you are really strapped WordPress may be the better option because there is more tools available free of charge. WordPress offers tons of plug ins and tools for free. Weebly has its fair share of freebies but cannot compare when it comes to WordPress. You can build your entire site for free at WordPress and pay about seven bucks a month for hosting. Weebly’s lower priced premium plans just does not offer the upgraded plug ins and tools.


It really comes down to a personal preference as to which platform you should choose. You have to be comfortable using a web builder and if you are a novice with no experience than Weebly is like they right platform for you for right now.

If you do have a little experience and are willing to learn AND you want all the bells and whistles then WordPress is for you. Each platform will get the job done but in a different way. If you want something more sophisticated than WordPress is the right platform if you want something that is simple and elegant that is easier to create then Weebly is the platform to choose.

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