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Travel Blogger Statistics

The Profile Of The Modern Travel Blogger

If you have a passion for traveling as well as blogging, then you can become a travel blogger. One good thing about travel blogging is that almost any can do it. Travel blogging does not require any special skills; all that is needed for anyone to become a travel blogger is just a burning passion for traveling and blogging.

Benefits of Travel Blogging

Just like every job out, being a travel blogger has its perks. One of the major reasons why most people take up travel blogging is that they want to see the world. Travel blogging presents an excellent opportunity for people to travel around the world. By taking up travel blogging as a career, individuals can have enough time to travel to different parts of the world and write their experience on their blogs.

Travel bloggers who have made a name for themselves in the blogging industry receive a lot of free vacation offers from hotels, travel companies, and establishments managing different tourist attractions all over the world. Popular travel bloggers not only have a huge fan base but the opinion of these well-known travel bloggers is well respected by their followers. Therefore, reputable hotels, travel agencies, and the management of various tourist attractions offer these popular travel bloggers free vacations in exchange for reviews on their sites.

A Lucrative Field

Travel blogging is the most lucrative niche of the blogging industry. There is massive amount of money flying all over the place in travel blogging. A lot of money is spent by travel agencies on adverts and publicity. In order to grab a huge slice of the advertising dollars, a travel blogger needs to have a huge audience base. Once a travel blog has a huge audience base, travel agencies and hotels will begin to advertise on the blog. Selling of blog space to travel agencies and hotels is a huge source of income to travel bloggers.

Although travel blogging is lucrative, it is not for everyone. Apart from having passion for traveling and blogging, travel blogging requires a lot of hard work and dedication for it to be successful. Travel bloggers will have to put in a lot of time, energy, and, in most cases money, to grow the audience base of their blog. With a huge followership, the advertising money and free vacation trips will begin to roll in.

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The Profile of the Modern Travel Blogger

A recent survey was carried out to determine the profile of the modern travel blogger. The survey reveals the following:

The Age of the Modern Travel Blogger: Of all the travel bloggers surveyed, 60% of them are males above 41 years old. The other 40% of the travel bloggers surveyed are females between the ages of 18 – 30 years.

Technology Owned by Travel Bloggers: All the bloggers surveyed claim that they have a camera. While 98% of the bloggers own a mobile device, 85% of the bloggers said that they have a laptop. Only 40% of the group claim to have a tablet device.

The Places Travel Bloggers Visit the Most: The findings from the survey reveal that the choice destinations of travel bloggers are Great Britain, USA, Italy, France, Australia, and China.

Travel Writers and Their Blogs: Of the travel writers surveyed, 80% of them use wordpress as their content management system. While 90% of the surveyed group said they write on the blog weekly, 60% said they have more than one travel blog.

Most Popular Blog Promotion Platforms: All the travel bloggers interviewed during the survey said they use twitter to promote their blogs. 98% of the surveyed bloggers use Facebook, 60% use Google+ and Pininterest, and 50% use YouTube to promote their travel blogs.

Making Money from Blogging: While 95% of the surveyed bloggers have been trying to monetize their blogs, 75% of them said that blogging is their only source of income.