Who the Top 100 Music Bloggers Use For Hosting

Top Host Sites for Music Bloggers

What Are Music Bloggers And Who They Host With

There are all different types of bloggers in the world. Writers can blog about anything from products to sports to music. Music bloggers make up a total of thirty seven percent of all bloggers. Music Bloggers will blog about music genres, bands, songs, albums, production, producers, composers, etc. Music bloggers will blog about their opinions of whatever topic they are writing about. They will also blog about their experiences at shows, concerts, and meet and greets. Also how the interaction with the artist or producer went. OR possibly share their expertise about certain music related topics.

Defining a Music Blogger

Music bloggers are writers that blog about all things music. The top one hundred music bloggers host with five top companies. Dreamhost has five hosted sites with the rating of six out of eight. Google Inc. has five hosted sites as well with the rating of eight out of eight. Bluehost has four hosted sites with the rating of seven out of eight. Hostgator has four hosted sites and has a rating of seven out of eight. And last but not least there is Media Temple which has four hosted sites with the rating of six out of eight.

Let us talk a little more about each company starting with Dreamhost. Dreamhost holds eight percent of the market share. Each host has different websites that use them. Websites that use Dream host are BUZZBANDS.LA, SOUL-SIDES.COM, DISCOBELLE.NET, ARTSJOURNAL.NET, and CANYOUSEETHESUNSET.COM.

Google Inc.
The next company we will discuss is Google Inc.. Google Inc. also holds eight percent of the market share. They also have 5 websites that use their host and they are WHATSFORDINNA.NET, PPELECTRO.BLOGSPOT.CO.UK, WWW.KINGRPG.NET, MUSICTHING.BLOGSPOT.COM, and THE-BROOKS-BLOG.BLOGSPOT.COM.

Bluehost is the next host site on the list. They hold seven percent of the market shares. They have four websites that use this host site. They are DOTHEPANTSDANCE.COM, FEELMYBICEP.COM, PASTAPRIMA.NET, and SOUNDTRACKGEEK.COM.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

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Host Site number four is Hostgator. Hostgator holds seven percent of the market share. They have four websites that use their host as well. They are BLENTWELL.COM, CREATEQUITY.COM, OM-RECORDS.COM, and STREETDOSE.COM.

Media Temple
And the last host on our list is Media Temple. The market share of Media Temple is seven percent. Media Share only has three websites using their host. They are THE-BROOKS-BLOG-BLOGSPOT.COM, LA-STORY.COM, AQUARIUMDRUNKARD.COM.

Keep in mind these are not the only blog host sites out there. There are many but these are just the host sites that the top one hundred music bloggers use to post their blogs.

Music Blogging

Music blogging is a great way for new up and coming bands to get their music off the ground. Social media can be a great thing in today’s world and help young up and coming writers, artists, musicians, and bands get their music out without having to find a production company to pick them up. It is a tough industry and social media and blogging can only make it a little easier for artists to make it.