Why WordPress is Better than Joomla

WordPress is a user friendly content management system that you find online. It allows you freely to store content, data, and also blog and use websites or almost anything you can think of doing. Since its inception in 2003, WordPress users have sky rocketed from a handful to million users around the globe with a still rapidly increasing data.

Joomla on the other hand is another high ranking content management system , which provides extensions and have million users on its side who find the system almost as good as the other. But why WordPress reigns over Joomla? It is a question that often pops up among domain users and internet surfers around the world.

How Do Their Content Systems Compare?

People often claim, WordPress is more of a blogging website than a content management system. Joomla doesn’t have to face that sort of criticism as it is purely a content management system. If we go by Web technology statistics of January, 2015, it reveals, WordPress is used by 24.0% of the websites which is a content management market share of whooping 60.2%. Joomla’s content market share comes second with only 7.2%.

The issue of WordPress being more of a blogging site than a content generating site becomes ludicrous and baseless here. Though in its initial stages it was a site mainly preferred and visited mostly by bloggers, rather than being a real content management site, with time it has changed and its features have evolved.

Ease of Use

It is true nothing is constant. WordPress today has become a household name among the internet users, bloggers and domain seekers. With so much to offer, it is amazing to see, WordPress still remains the easiest site to navigate and can be managed without any help, even by a newbie. People more often than not, choose WordPress on Google though Joomla is internationally recognized and popular too. WordPress is optimized for SEO and it makes it easy for users to find it on their site. It appears without them even having to search for it and that is how they get more traffic. It is designed for usability and people take good advantage of it.

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Familiarity and Intent

When it was designed, WordPress had a sole purpose and it was to solve blogging problems. It had a target audience from the very start, the bloggers. Joomla on the other hand is strictly a content management site. When the bloggers had a problem, WordPress provided them the solution and thus they gained revenue from the start at WordPress.com. A friendly atmosphere is welcoming to people where they can learn and work but have fun at the same time. WordPress provides that kind of platform, so people consciously or unconsciously throng the site.

Friendliness and Navigation

Talking about friendly atmosphere, as mentioned, anyone can set up and run a blog or website at WordPress in no time. You don’t have to be tech savvy to browse and manage the site and it is truly an added bonus for them. Here both sides win. WordPress gains more traffic and the users don’t have to waste time and strain their brain in order to navigate the site. It is as simple as cooking a usual recipe in your kitchen. You know where the tools are and can do well without reading the long manuals. With Joomla, navigating the site isn’t as easy as WordPress though they are making efforts in making the site more user-friendly, as they claim to be.

Just a Blogging Site

Now, if you are among those who think WordPress is just a blogging site, as they claim they have 355,355 bloggers, you do have a wrong notion about. The blogs helps the site to generate valuable contents and it is true as that. WordPress is the 18th most visited site, and according to Alexia, of the new blog posts featured in their site, three blogs out of eleven have their own domains and one blog out of eleven ranks in the top one million websites. Statistics of W3Techs shows, 2.7% of one million visited websites run Joomla, while 1.7% websites use Drupal. That means many popular bloggers use WordPress.com hosted websites with Joomla and Drupal together. WordPress is both a successful blogging website and a content management system. Nothing can deter that fact.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

If it is assessed just by numerical figures, it is true that WordPress has more blogging websites, as Joomla allows its site to be strictly a Content management system and overall, WordPress has more blogging sites than Joomla. But we can’t deny the fact that WordPress is a very successful content management system as well. There are websites out there as many as 58,000 that tops in the one million websites around the globe and are run by WordPress. So it is not fair to think or say, it is just a blogging website, not to mention the bloggers know that ‘content is king.’

What Does It All Mean?

In conclusion, WordPress has only one aim which is to solve problems and it has successfully done that in the past years. It focuses on usability whereas Joomla strives to provide extensions. WordPress also builds room for better business as it provides the users platform for communication. Good communication is also a key factor to succeed in business and it undoubtedly shows in the case of WordPress developers. Not that Joomla is failing in its business of providing content to users for years. It does successfully, but WordPress does it better without having to be an exclusively content management system. It appears more effortless that way.

Wordpress vs Joomla