Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform

‘SEO’ or – search engine optimized is a big deal these days. With everyone using online marketing it is important for most that their websites stand out above others. Not only was WordPress specifically designed to be SEO friendly, but there are plenty of extensions available that optimize this feature even more. WordPress offers its users the ability to set ‘tag’ words in posts, which means setting keywords as tags that the search engine will easily pick up on. WordPress is very SEO friendly, and many of its advocates say this is why it’s the best blogging platform to use.

WordPress is Free to Use

While there are add-ons and features that users may pay for to elevate their WordPress blogs ‘status’, the site is free for anyone to use. This makes it possible for anyone to become an author. WordPress is a great place for new writers to start, and to ‘make their mark.’ There are currently over thirty one thousand available plug-ins for free from WordPress, and over 2500 different themes that are free as well.

WordPress is Easy for Everyone to Use

WordPress is used by millions of people of all ages around the globe. WordPress is a very easy place for anyone to start publishing their work. There is no need for knowing code or how to design a full website to create a WordPress. The entire process of using WordPress is extremely easy and fairly self explanatory. There is also WordPress support available to writers who may need some extra help while setting up their first blog, or if they run into issues while writing, editing or publishing. WordPress is a great site to blog with for any age writer.

WordPress Is a Safe and Secure Blogging Platform

WordPress was designed with the security of its bloggers in mind. WordPress uses Securi to detect and eliminate security threats. Although it is a safe and secure, and safer and more secure than many other blogging platforms, writers should still be careful about what information they provide on the internet, as bad things can happen anywhere online. WordPress takes security of its bloggers very seriously, and works with the writers and support if anything comes up.

WordPress Can Handle Much More than Blogs

WordPress was originally designed for blog posts, but users can create whole webpages with WordPress. Media and audio files can be added, hyperlinks, and just about anything you can think of that you could put on a website you can do with WordPress. Individuals and business worldwide use WordPress for their blogging and for their websites. WordPress is an excellent site for anyone wishing to publicize their unique content for the world to see!

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WordPress – Free for you, Cheap for your Business

A blog with WordPress costs nothing, and this is one of the reasons why WordPress is the best blogging platform. However, there are many professional add-ons that are available through WordPress that, while they may cost, are generally not available through other blogging platforms. Professional level add-ons that can enhance your blog are inexpensive on WordPress. It is possible to create a very professional looking site for a next-to-nothing cost with WordPress.

WordPress: It’s All in the Name

Another one of the reasons why WordPress is the best blogging platform is that it’s…well, it’s just WordPress. Some employers, especially when dealing with writing or blogging careers will ask for a link to ‘your WordPress.’ When seeking freelance blogging gigs or jobs, this will often happen as well. When applying for a writing job, potential employers mostly won’t ask for a link to ‘your blog’ but rather your WordPress, because the name is so widely recognized. This makes an excellent tool for first-time bloggers or anyone looking to get their foot in the door with a reputable writing company. Need to impress? Publish a blog with WordPress! If you’ve published a blog with WordPress, you can technically call yourself a published writer. This will certainly score anyone looking for some name recognition some points.

The fact the name ‘WordPress’ is so widely recognized also works to a writers advantage when someone searches for their blog. It may be more difficult for someone to search for a blog you’ve told them about on a lesser known site, without directly typing the name of you, your blog and the site. WordPress ranks highly on most search engines, making it fairly easy to find a blog just by typing in ‘WordPress’ and the topic of the blog in to most popular search engines. This is not always the case, but is in most.

More Available Add-Ons Than Other Blogging Platforms

Individual writers and companies that are looking for an ‘edge’ on competitors have many more options available to them through WordPress than any other blogging platform. With over 31,000 available plug-ins and over 3500 themes available, it is easy for someone to differentiate their page or blog from anyone else’s. While most of these plug-ins are free, there are also some plug-ins from outside sources that may cost a little bit more, but that enhance your blog and webpage more than any other blogging platform could. This option is especially great for professional writers and businesses looking to stand out from their competitors on the business market. This is yet another reason why WordPress is the best blogging platform.

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