WooCommerce vs. WP eCommerce

Comparison of WP Ecommerce and WooCommerce


Why And How To Switch From WP E-Commerce To WooCommerce

A flexible and easy-to-use shopping cart is essential for success in any online business. The shopping cart is the medium online stores use to manage their orders and customers use to pay for goods and services purchased. Therefore, the shopping cart of online stores should be designed in such a way that it is easy, simple, and convenient for customers.

WP E-Commerce

WP e-commerce developed by Getshopped and WooCommerce created by Woothemes are two of the most popular wordpress e-commerce plugins. Although both are awesome e-commerce plugins, the findings of a recent survey reveal that many online stores prefer the WooCommerce plugin to WP ecommerce plugin for their ecommerce site.

The downsides of the WP ecommerce plugin include poor documentation of orders, complex admin settings, bugs on the platform, and poor support services. Many online merchants experience a lot of difficulties using the WP e-commerce plugin. It is, therefore not surprising that this plugin has only a 2.8 rating on wordpress.org.


Although a new entrant into the ecommerce plugins market, WooCommerce is becoming the ecommerce plugin of choice of online merchants. Just launched about a year ago, this plugin has hit the 500,000 downloads mark, a proof of its ever-rising popularity among online merchants.

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So, why are online merchants migrating to the WooCommerce platform?

The WooCommerce platform is very easy to use, even for merchants that are not tech-savvy. One feature that keeps attracting online merchants in their droves to this ecommerce platform is the ease in setting up and management of online stores and documentation of orders. Woothemes, the developer of WooCommerce, offers a great support service to their clients. The support service of Woothemes is one of the best in the ecommerce plugin industry. The WooCommerce platform has fewer bugs compare to many of the other ecommerce platforms out there.

Although many online merchants find the WooCommerce platform excellent, this ecommerce plugin also has its downsides. Online merchants will have to purchase separate extensions if they want to use UPS or USPS as their shipping method.

Switching from WP E-commerce to WooCommerce

Before switching over from the WP ecommerce to WooComerce, you have to get yourself and your customers prepared for the migration. Below are some of the steps online merchants need to take to ensure smooth migration:

1. Conduct a thorough analysis of the site statistics and pick a time when the traffic is usually less.

2. Inform your customers about the time of migration.

3. Back up the content of your website.

4. Install the WooCommerce plugin.

5 Steps to Setting Up the Migration

These are the steps needed to smoothly set up the migration:

1. Register an account with WooCommerce.

2. Select the entities you wish to transfer.

3. Choose your preferred currencies, languages, and order statuses.

4. Perform a demo migration.

5. Finally, begin full migration.

After Migration

After the migration process, you need to carry the following steps:

1. Set up a 301 redirect.

2. Generate a sitemap.

3. Customize the design of your site.

4. Create a customized 404 page.

5. Appeal to customers to recover their passwords.