WordPress CMS vs. Drupal CMS

Comparison of WordPress and Drupal

WordPress CMS Vs Drupal CMS

If you are planning to set up a website for your business, you might be wondering which content management system (CMS) will be best for you and your business. Although there are lots of content management systems (CMS) out there, you have to find the right one that is right for your business. Let’s take a look at two of the most widely used CMS: WordPress and Drupal. These two are open source software developed and maintained by a community comprising of thousands of people. WordPress and Drupal are free to download and use.

Since both WordPress and Drupal content management systems make use of the open source format, they can be improved continuously, enabling them to support new internet technologies. Thus, the open source format of these CMS enables their basic functions to be always enhanced with a wide array of add-ons contributed by their communities.

Current Usage by Market Share

The findings of a recent study show that 32% of the sites WWW are CMS sites. While 7% of the sites on CMS make use of the drupal platform, 53% of the CMS sites are on the WordPress platform. Therefore, WordPress has taken more than half of the CMS market share, making it one of the mostly used CMS platforms.

Ease of Use

WordPress CMS is very easy to understand, set up, and maintain. This platform comes with a pre-packaged theme that is excellent for building simple web pages and posts. For people not satisfied with these pre-packaged themes, this platform gives them the opportunity to create custom themes of their choice. However, some HTML and CSS skills are needed to create these custom themes.

Drupal CMS, on the other hand, has a complicated database structure. Although the Drupal platform needs to be assembled out of the box, it is designed to grow.

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Majority of the people in the WordPress CMS community are designers and entry-level users. Therefore, most of the plugins coming out from the WordPress CMS community are plug and play plugins that are easy to use.

The Drupal CMS community is made up of mainly highly-skilled programmers. Therefore, it should be expected that the plugins contributed by this community should be highly technical plugins that point users in the right direction. In order to contribute a plugin in this community, you will need to have excellent coding skills.


The backend control panel of WordPress CMS creates a polished and beautiful appearance to your website. This panel is very easy to navigate and use.

In Drupal CMS, the admin panel creates a basic appearance, which can be improved customized themes are installed.

Updates and Security

The WordPress platform was designed for non-programmers. This makes it easy for WordPress to be easily updated. It is very rare for conflicts to occur between core and plugins updates in the WordPress platform.

Since the Drupal community is made up of highly-skilled programmers, they are more responsible for the update testing and troubleshooting.

When in the market for content management system for your website, you have to find the right tool that can get the job done for you. The complexity of the backend and the experience of the developer should be among the factors considered when choosing a particular content management system for your website.