WordPress Liferay Comparison

Social networking has grown rapidly in the past ten to twenty years. While many promising blogging platforms jumped on board, many crashed and burned early on. Others thrived and are a major contribution in technology and its use from the family network to major corporations. Two key players in this game are WordPress and Liferay. Perhaps we should do a WordPress Liferay Comparison.

Blogging Leader

WordPress is clearly the leader of the pact. WordPress honed into the demands of the social media craze early on, and has developed with the industry. It maintained and grew staying at least one step ahead the competition.

In 2012 Liferay was released. Liferay (partnered with Tibco Software) has many of the functions WordPress uses. While Liferay has gotten the attention of the blogging industry and though it has grown significantly in the past couple of years; it has yet to come close to the popularity of the WordPress platform.

Basic Information

WordPress and Liferay are both free to use. Both have attractive themes and plugins that allow for networking with almost any option one can imagine. While WordPress bills itself as a personal publishing platform; Liferay calls itself an open source portal for enterprise. The fact is both services cater to personal and business users. WordPress is more user friendly, out of the box and while Liferay is good in many ways for the beginner, some of the functions of Liferay require at least intermediate technological skills.

Who is the Biggest?

WordPress is by far the larger of the two. WordPress has almost 20,000,000 users and the younger Liferay has just fewer than 16,000. WordPress is the leader in the following categories:

  • People and Society
  • Business
  • Industry
  • Arts
  • Entertainment
  • Religion and Spirituality

WordPress has hundreds more categories. Liferay has not come close or passed WordPress at this point in any category.

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WordPress is the leader in 224 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Though Liferay has experienced exceptional growth it has not passed WordPress in any country in the world as of now. When it comes to sheer volume, the numbers are clearly in the favor of WordPress in our WordPress and Liferay comparison.


Liferay is an open source enterprise portal for publishing. WordPress is the leading open source blog and CMS system (with more than 60% CMS use world-wide).

When it comes to recommended memory and minimum memory, Liferay requires much more memory than WordPress.

The programming language WordPress uses is PHP while Liferay uses JAVA. The target audience of WordPress is the publishing sector (user friendliness), and Liferay seems to cater more to enterprise.

WordPress requires less energy than Lifeway. The application start-up time for Liferay is more than twice than WordPress. Liferay offers much more scripting language support. That is not required for WordPress which operates with a clear and uniform scripting language.


Resent data collected on WordPress and Liferay clearly shows 54% of users have a preference of WordPress while 46% preferred Liferay. As for out-of-the-box usability, and flexibility 58% chose WordPress and 42% chose Liferay.

WordPress has continually gotten better reviews for ease of use and feedback from the community. Liferay has gotten slightly better reviews on performance than WordPress, but weather that data reflects e-commerce, or blogging or functionality overall is unclear.

Perhaps one of the most important features is that WordPress is supported by Google; Liferay is not. This makes a huge difference in search ability and information inquiries.

While both platforms are impressive, the slow start for Liferay will put them in the position of playing catch up to WordPress for years to come. Currently on a global scale, WordPress receives 50% of the vote on popularity and Liferay receives 0% (zero).


PHP is a much simpler computer language to learn than Java. WordPress will help you customize it. If you are working on a very large and very complex site you may want Java. But the normal site (which is large enough for any major corporation) is faster, easier to learn with PHP.


WordPress was created in 2003. Liferay was created in 2000, but not released until 2012. The release did not come about until Liferay partnered with Tibco Software Company.


Bloggers love free themes. WordPress has a huge selection of free themes to choose from. Liferay also has a selection of eight (8) free themes.


WordPress has so many free plugins to help you design, and manage your content (and anything else you can imagine) That Liferay pales in comparison. WordPress has the experience and knowledge to know what is needed and they provide it for free. Free is good.

With Liferay you will have to spend money to purchase many options offered for free from WordPress or spend a lot of time trying to learn and develop portlets. All things considered, unless your site is extremely, mega-large – it hardly seems worth it.


WordPress is the clear choice in our WordPress and Liferay comparison. Liferay is a good open source enterprise portal. They will have a long way to go before they can touch WordPress. There is nothing wrong with following a leader in industry. There is nothing wrong with trying to develop the next big thing. However, it takes time and experience to actually be the best at anything.

Currently and in recent years, WordPress has become a world leader. WordPress is faster and cheaper to operate. WordPress had great built in options and free plugins. WordPress did not gain its world position as the best, by sitting still. WordPress is fighting to keep their position, not because of “position” but because they have spent years developing a platform that works for everyone. They began with a dream and they continue to develop and grow that dream.

Liferay has its place in the market, no doubt. But it is a very specific place. WordPress has proven they are always equipped for the job. WordPress is the clear choice in our WordPress and Liferay comparison.

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