WordPress Market Share Usage in Top 100,000 Sites

Wordpress Usage

The Growing Popularity In WordPress Usage

Chances are that you have heard of WordPress and had the idea of getting started in using it. Then again, you had a barrier of access. WordPress is simply downloaded. Statics show that in the last 12 months, there were 46 million downloads. This meant that in a day there were about 126,000 downloads, 5250 in an hour and 89 per minute.

Access Through the Web

The primary access to WordPress platform is through the web. However, just recently its usage on tablets and mobile phones showed great improvements in the last year. Research shows that the web has improved by 98%, iOS Devices by 31%, Android by 30% and Android Tablets by 18% whereas the desktop apps have 12% increase according to this survey.

Increasing Popularity

A keen look at how the WordPress platform is used, there is clear evidence that CMS is gaining popularity among people. When CMS is graphically compared with blogs/CMS or even a blog alone, the line of CMS seems to shoot high while that of blog/CMS is sloping downwards. A survey conducted in the purpose of WordPress showed that over 30,000, from 178 countries globally had embraced the use of this platform. This was made possible by the volumes of comments about WordPress in 2013. This went to show how widely this platform was being used as well as being talked about.

Addition of More Plugins

WordPress has also accepted more plugins in to their WordPress Directory. This means that it will be easy to install the kind of plugin you are in need of, without having to download it first to your desktop then uploading it again. Not only has WordPress added over 6700 plugins to their platform but also the themes. This year alone, 2013, WordPress has had an addition of 336 themes. These additions are over double the number that was added in 2012.

WordPress is being greatly improved and has seen the release of WordPress 3.6 which has new features such as audio support, native video as well as the superior revision control. This will not stop with WordPress 3.6 as an edition of this great platform a 3.7 WordPress is being released this October.

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This edition wills to focus on security along with an increase in stability. Another release will take place in December, 2013. The headlines plus features will aim at the inclusion of the latest MP6 together with the introduction of the new default theme, Twenty-fourteen.

WordPress is greatly improving each and every day and is becoming a popular platform for people to use. The fact that new themes are being developed shows that it will become a major platform that will be used by people one of these days. Many of the people using it cannot wait for its popularity.