WordPress Wix Comparison

WordPress or Wix which is better for you? WordPress has the huge following but Wix has its own pros in its own right choosing which one is best for you comes down to being able to understand the differences between WordPress and Wix.

While they are similar there are some key differences that can easily effect your choice. They both can help you build a great site but no one wants to spend hours on a build only to find that they choose the wrong tool. Taking a look at the comparison below can help you to make an informed decision about whether WordPress or Wix is right for your needs.

Key Areas of Focus

We will look at 5 main areas of importance:

1. Usability
2. Ability to be flexible
3. Cost
4. Maintenance
5. Client support

The comparison of WordPress and Wix will include the 5 items listed above and will give you and overall round up to help you get a good idea of what is being offered by both services so you can make the decision that will work best for you.

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Of course being able to use the service is very important when it comes to efficiency and keeping your level of frustration down. When it comes to user friendliness hands down Wix is the winner because WordPress does offer quite a bit more options there is a learning curve involved with using WordPress. WordPress is a bit more complex that Wix.

If you know how to tweak code than WordPress is a good option BUT if you do not than you may have to outsource part of your project which can get expensive. Wix is made for the non-programmer. It is simplified and easy enough for anyone to use regardless of their level of experience.

Wix is easier to use because you can see what the page is going to look like right in the editor. You do not have to preview to see what your page is going to look like. Wix also offers a drag and drop feature so you can easily add things like shopping carts and images while with WordPress you may have to change around code or add code which can get a little overwhelming.

WordPress is a great platform but if you are new to web building it may be a bit more than you can handle initially.

Flexible Options

WordPress is an open platform that has millions and millions of members that can create code and offer themes for free or for a small price. This may seem like a great offering but there are millions of unmonitored people that are using WordPress and that can create code and offer it on this platform.

WordPress is a very flexible platform just because of the sheer number of people that are uploading new themes and tools, of course the only problem is, is that that the quality of these tools may not be what you need. WordPress is more flexible than Wix but may not offer you the quality that you expect because it is largely unmanned.


At a glance WordPress seems like the cheaper way to go but when you start really looking at the actual cost you start to realize that WordPress may run you more in the end. The free themes that WordPress offers are not really of professional quality so most people wind up buying a theme.

When you start adding up all the ala carte costs with WordPress your website can cost you anywhere from $200 to $1000. On the other side of the coin Wix offers 5 different plan options that are all inclusive with one of them being Free.


With both platforms there are regular updates and patches that are added to correct bugs but with WordPress you have to actively be involved in the update while with Wix it is just done for you. If you are not technically savvy dealing with the WordPress updates may be a bother.


WordPress has a very large community and as such they have a lot of tutorials, help articles and forums where you can ask questions but they do not offer a lot of formal help. Wix offers a dedicated team of client support. You can schedule a telephone call, get email support and use their tutorials.


When you compare WordPress and Wix you are really comparing apples and oranges. Yes they are both great platforms but with different users in mind. WordPress is great if you have a little experience under your belt Wix is better if you are just getting your feet wet and need a little more support and easier builds.

Both will get the job done but it really comes down to how much you are willing to learn and how much time you want to invest in the project.

Wordpress vs Wix